Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Angels We Have Heard On High

Tonight is a BIG night! Every Tuesday night, I meet up with my friends, Cindy B., Deb, Cindy J., Heather, and Clanci to watch Glee and Biggest Loser. Well tonight, we're shaking things up!

We are starting a friendly competition between us! We're going to be challenging each other to do the GAME ON DIET in teams and believe me, the trash talking has already begun in full force. When we were first working through the logistics, I learned that one of the other teams had a name and my team didn't. Well that just wouldn't do, so my teammates threw around some names and asked me to help pick one. From the list, I chose the most clever and fun one! After picking out the name, they asked me to design a logo of sorts for us to use to promote our team. Well ladies and gentlemen here it is—the logo for our team (the winning team), VICTORIOUS SECRET!

That's right folks! We're the angels ready to mangle the other teams! We each have our personal fitness goals and there is a strong system of accountability built into the diet, so it's also a great way for us to stay connected and build stronger friendships too! I've already been doing some prep work to get my body to ease into the changes a little smoother and I'm super excited about doing this with my friends. I'm really looking forward to what will come from it all!


Heather said...

Rock on secret angel, rock on, where can I get a temporary tattoo of this?

amo (amanda) said...

Tramp it and stamp it, gurl. Tramp it. And stamp it! ;)

Patsy said...

What a fun things y'all are doing! I'm rooting for y'all from Texas! =)