Monday, December 13, 2010

The Medallion Calls

This be the tale of a landlubbin' crew that be innovative
and chock full 'o entrepreneurship.

Grab some hearty rum, scoot over a nearby keg
and sit yer peg leg down as I tell ye the tale of


Ye see, it all started in a deep dark pit near
the Island of Social Netwerkin' in the city of Twittargggh . . .

And as a response, yers truly, Peg Leg Shenanigans
has created a shiny new design for Pirate Ink!

So ye be sure to stop on by when the rum's gone an' my
team of scalliwags will put a nice little ink stain on yer bones!

Ye may be wonderin' who some of our high profile clients are, and since yer so curious, you can spot some of them in this here video:

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elaine zuniga said...

aahhhaahahahaha!!!! This is great! just great!