Sunday, November 16, 2008

nah nah nah nah...nah nah nah nah...hey hey hey....GOODBYE :(

Yes, ladies and gents, the day is here....MTV has officially had their last episode of TRL (Total Request Live). Though I'm sure there are tons of people who are rejoicing, I can't help but be just a wee bit nostalgic. Music has played a MAJOR part in my life ever since I was a kid...i mean, from the moment i bought my first walkman and blasted SWV's "WEAK" during recess in elementary the time i bought my first cassette tape of THE PROCLAIMERS single, "I'm Gonna Be (500 miles)" to the time I bought my first ever Alanis Morrisette album just to rock out to YOU OUGHTTA, music has just been such a major part of my life. I remember getting to my grandma's house after school and just automatically plopping myself in front of the TV to catch TRL on MTV! I'm not gonna lie...I was a fanatic! I remember when N'Sync was on, and Gwen Stefani performed, and tons of others! I remember just...absolutely crushing on Carson Daly when he was the VJ for TRL! And now, it's the finale! Wow!! It's like the turn of the century kinda. I mean, throughout my time in MCA, I stepped away from MTV and the whole secular music scene and stuff, but looking back, when they show specific clips from the past, I'm like, "Dude! That was totally the day that me and my friends hung out in the science teacher's classroom and I had to get sent to the assistant principal's office" So crazy!

One of the cool things that I think has come out of TRL is not necessarily the artists, though they do rock the house! But as part of a contest, Hilarie Burton was voted to be a guest VJ on the red carpet for and MTV awards show... and afterwards was hired on full time to be a VJ regularly, and then, after seeing her there, the people behind ONE TREE HILL chose her to play one of my favorite characters on One Tree Hill...the emo, music-centric, tortured-artist, Peyton! Gotta admit, if I were to have a female celebrity crush (not in a homosexual way, just in a WOW way) it would totally be HILARIE BURTON...this chick is just phenomenal. I've watched interviews, seen her acting skills, and she just...brings it! Love it! So yeah, I'm gonna miss TRL...but at least I still get to see Hilarie on OTH! :D

Hilarie Burton as an MTV VJ:

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