Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm brining EMO back

Okay, so not really, but I do think that if you've known me for some time, really in-depth, you know that I am a completely EMOtional, thought-filled, passionate person. And as I was organizing my iTunes yesterday, I realized how much my music tells about me. I mean, I really have a lot of interesting songs, most of them are very emotion filled. Growing up, it's funny to see the differences between my siblings and me. My brother loves Rap and HIp Hop, and on his iTunes you might find Master P., Bone Thugs and Harmony, Coolio, T.I, and a bunch of those guys on there. My sister is more mainstream pop, which I've actually found myself plugging into more just to offset my emo-ness. My sister could be perfectly happy in a world blasting the tunes of Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilerra, and Katy Perry. I for one think it's amazing the vast differences in personality that exist between my sis, my bro and me. And it's not like, oh, we disagree on a couple of things...but like....ALMOST EVERYTHING...we disagree on. hahahahahaha! (makes you feel sorry for my parents, eh?)

So as I was going through my iTunes, and looking at my most listened to songs as of late, I wanted to share with you guys some new music that has been on Repeat big time...and I think that if you listen to them, you kinda get a feel for what is going on in my head. I mean, being emotional and a hopeless romantic, a lot of them base on love, affection, relationship, etc. (which is part of the reason I'm having to come face to face with the "Itis" lately (as Joy would say). And then some are just deeper than that, but evoke strong emotions. But because I know music plays a major part in who I am as a person, I've learned to make myself be real and honest about what they mean to me and how my life is affected by them, and even sometimes doing a reality check to make sure that music doesn't have the last say in the things I do...which I'm pleased to say doesn't. But something about these songs still touches a chord for me in life. And I wanted to share with you.

Now for those of you who worry that I'm falling into a flood of emo-driven depression, you can stop. I'm totally a happy person, with a full heart, with a lot of laughter and sunshine to hand out. I just wanted to open myself up honestly in this blog post just to give you an even deeper view of who I am as a person.

Without further adieu....CUE THE INDIAN! (jk)

Here's some new music that's been flooding my mp3 player:

This first one is by IRON AND WINE, and the song is called FLIGHTLESS BIRD, AMERICAN MOUTH. Originally, I heard Iron and Wine because of my awesome friend Josh Curtis. He gave me a link to BOY WITH A COIN...which is also a fave, but decided to post this one instead. This song also happens to be on the Twilight Movie Soundtrack. So that is why there's twilight pics on this vid...because they don't have a video on youtube yet of a clear recorded version that was worth posting:

Next up is LINKIN PARK'S song LEAVE OUT ALL THE REST. And I will just say now that I don't condone buying albums with EXPLICIT lyrics at all. This song is a CLEAN song and is just really good. I also should add that I don't really commit to buying full albums from any artist- just individual songs that strike me as being worth it. :D

And then there's JOSHUA RADIN'S song VEGETABLE CAR. And this song isn't really EMO at all, it's just a fun upbeat cute song...and it's one of my faves because the reference to Lisa Loeb glasses cracks me up!

Then we move on to CHRIS CORNELL'S song LONG GONE, which I His voice rocks! and I actually like the techno feel to it.

And now for the ladies (who i'm sure, should have been first, but oh well) hehehehehehe

SARAH MCLAHCLAN just rocks it out on her song STUPID. I love it! I think I'm one of those kind of people who has seen so many "norm" defying relationships. You know, the kind where people are like, oh there's no way it's gonna work out for them...but it does. and I love it! And to me, this song just kinda serves as a reminder that you know what, it's not what other people see in the person you love that determines who you should give your heart to. It's your heart, and yours to give, and yes you listen to their advice, but ultimately, you choose and you work things out...hopefully for happily ever after. And yes, it's true, I've never dated, but that doesn't mean that I'm devoid of emotions on the matter. hahahahahahahaha And I realize I could be WAY off on the song meaning, but that's just my interpretation.

And last but not least: SET FREE by KATIE GRAY
Again, a sad song, but a freeing song.

Well that's all for today! If you want to share some of your favorite songs, artists, meanings, etc. feel free to comment here, my myspace or facebook! Love you guys!!

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