Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Defying Gravity

Hey look! It's me! That one girl who neglects her blog at times :( boo. Bad. Amanda. Bad. Lame.

Currently I'm looking at the floor of my room . . . well, I dunno if you'd consider it a floor. Basically it's a mass of paper and clothes . . . and bags and boxes . . . and a pumpkin carving book? how did that get there??? What a whirlwind these past few weeks have been!

My latest thing to report is how much fun I had taking the youth girls from Westside down to Portland for the Revolve Tour! It was phenomenal! I'll write more detailed stuff later, but just know that this weekend totally rocked for these girls (and for me)! A lot of people wonder How and Why I would ever be able to mentor junior high kids. I just CANNOT imagine doing something else! These kids TOTALLY captivate my heart! I love being able to bring life and as much wisdom as I can as they navigate the tough parts of growing up—peer pressure, boys, zits, popularity/unpopularity, stress, love, friendship, zits . . . oh wait. mentioned that one already ;)

But really, these students just WIN in my life! It was so awesome seeing them smile so big and to hear their stories and share life with them.

One really fun thing we did on the way up was that Cindy J. brought some foil with her (i recommend doing this on ANY road trip—instant fun!) and we made foil creations in the car! So what I made for myself was antennas. And then I would put them on and as we passed by cars on the road, I would look out the window with my antennas on and my head poised on top of my hand, senior portrait style, and just smile and wave at people. It was awesome! Most people did double takes, lots of people smiled, and one girl even mouthed, "OH MY WORD" as she saw me. :D Here's just a FEW pics of our time. There will be many more to come!

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