Friday, October 10, 2008


Okay,so for those who I've not talked to about this, which is a lot, cause I think I've only talked to 5 people about it, tomorrow is a big day for me. After talking to a very great friend about some health issues I've been having, it has been suggested that I may have either pre-diabetes or full on diabetes. This doesn't really surprise me. Being an overweight latina whose mom and apparently dad's side of the family both have diabetes, I'm a prime suspect. So tomorrow I am going to go to the free clinic in Lake City to get screened for diabetes.

I realize that if I DO have diabetes, my life is going to change dramatically. Regardless or whether I am or not... there will be some really positive changes going on for me. First of all, I'm changing my diet to be more healthy. I'll also be getting a monthly gym membership to 24 hr. fitness, which is 4 blocks from my house. :D I'm going to be maintaining a steady workout plan and am going to be more conscious about things I put in my body.

If I do have Pre-Diabetes, and not full on Diabetes, I will fight to beat it!

Well, tomorrow is the big day...where I find out what's going on. :D

wish me luck and keep me in your prayers!


Kelley R. said...

You are so amazing and I am so crazy proud of you.

Most definitely you are a completely butt-kickingly cool friend.

(Sorry again that I'm lame and wandered off the edge of planet Earth tonight. I think I was legitimately afraid my life was ruined. I need to sleep more... I talked to my dad, though. Probably a good idea. Guilt, no matter how righteous a cause I assume it is, probably doesn't do wonders for my stress (therefore sleeping, therefore ADD, therefore forgetting I'm talking to one of my most amazing friends right in the middle of the conversation. Yeah, I do really sucky things sometimes...)

Anyway, I hope everything works out tomorrow, and no matter what the verdict you are incredible and can most definitely fight it out. ;)

Kelley R. said...

Look I wrote a book...

It's a testament to my sleepless stress-induced ADD that there are parenthesis inside a paragraph long parenthetical statement up there. Yeah sorry about that...

Oh! You're on iChat. YAY!

amo said...

awww... thanks kel! you rock! thanks for all your help with everything and for being such an awesome friend!! and I'm glad you got to talk to your dad, even if you were ADD all up in it. ;) i heart you!!

and can i just add that talking to you on iCHAT is like the highlight of my day!!!??!! cause it's true!!