Saturday, October 11, 2008

a tale of three fingers...

So today's free clinic experience was quite interesting! So I woke up early to take the bus to Lake City (just a smidge north of Northgate where I live) and I walked to the free clinic. What I didn't know is that the free clinic is part of the Northwest Community Center, which is also where the Northwest Food Bank is. So I finally work my way around the lines for the food bank to get to the free clinic, which is only open on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. So I get there, and there's a big sign on the door that says GOVERNMENT ISSUED ID AND PROOF OF RESIDENCY REQUIRED. Of all of the things I brought with me...the only thing I DIDN'T bring was proof of residency. :(

...did I mention that when I called, they said nothing about bringing proof of residency? just thought i'd mention that..

So I take the bus back home, to go get the proof of residency...and then I take the bus back. I'm seen by the nurse who is super sweet and friendly and I go through the rundown with her. So then she takes my blood pressure and she says it's a little high. Then she goes to give me the blood sugar know...the one where they stick your finger with a needle and put blood on the test strip? yeah..did i mention i HATE needles and I almost always cry...even though I'm 26? yeah.

So she pricks my finger, does the test strip thing, and the machine won't read the results and gives an error message.

So then she gets a different machine, and pricks the same finger to get the result.

And the machine doesn't work.

So then she brings the doctor in, and he asks what she did, and walks her through some things...

And pricks me again on a different finger. And they get the error message and decide to call the pharmacy to get new test strips because they think there's something wrong with the test strips.

So they send me 2 blocks down the road to pick up some new test strips and a coding device for the machine at Bartell's Drugstore. And I get back...and they have to prick me again. ugh... needles...i hate 'em.

So they finally get test results and it's good news: I DON'T HAVE FULL ON DIABETES- I JUST HAVE PRE-DIABETES!! Which, I can BEAT! And the nurse really gave me some good tips and explained a lot of stuff to me and really was so encouraging! It was great! So I'm going to be slowly changing up my meal habits and starting next week, I'm going to be going to get a gym membership. Along with the membership, I'm setting up a workout plan on Gyminee (thanks for always posting your awesome story/results, Brian S.!) and working hard to lose weight and keep it off! :)

I'm so excited that I have FAIR WARNING and can do something about it! PTL!


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eat real food! no more mac and cheese and roast beast. real food!

love you.