Monday, October 6, 2008

Concert Fee-vah!

There are two great concerts coming up and I can't wait to go see them!!

Justin Nozuka is going to be playing at Neumo's downtown on the 12th. He's a 20 year old singer/songwriter who has such a soulful voice. He has played at SXSW in Austin and now he's coming to Seattle! Some of my favorite songs he's written includes: Criminal & Save Him. If you want to hear him, you can find him on iTunes!
By the way, Kyra Sedgwick (Kevin Bacon's wife) is his mom!


Missy Higgins is going to be playing at The Showbox at the Market (Pike Place Market) on November 2nd, so going to her concert is going to be my birthday present to me! :) She is an Australian singer/songwriter and well...this chick rocks. Her lyrics are deep and meaningful and the stories that go with them are incredible. Some of my favorites that she has written includes: Scar & Nightminds...and a lot of her others too!

Now granted, neither of these music artists are Christian, but their music still speaks. Their lyrics are well thought out and their talent is amazing! I can't wait to go to their shows!!

And just to give you a little insight, i'll tell you the stories behind one of each of their songs.

Justin Nozuka's SAVE HIM was written about his foster brother's parents. The father was a nasty drunk, and one night it got way out of control. He shot his wife, than shot himself, with the baby, Justin's foster brother, in the roon. And in the second verse, it talks about how the mother used to get beat by her father. And I know that it's a sad song, but to me, it's a topic that gets brushed under the rug, i think. And i'm glad that someone out there is giving a voice to the truth...bringing a form of awareness about something that is so devastating.

Missy Higgins wrote the song KATIE as a way to reach out to one of her friends who was anorexic. I think using your gifts and talents to reach another person right where they are, even just to let them know that you notice them, is great!

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