Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cause WE Rock!

Okay, so I think I should clear things up cause I've gotten some funny responses from some friends of mine- for the record- YES, I DO LIKE THE JONAS BROTHERS! NO, NOT ROMANTICALLY! I DON'T HAVE A CRUSH ON THEM! ha ha ha ha! but i DO like their music!! What can I say, sometimes I branch out from my emo alternative rock veins and wander over to the pool of pop (not soda!) rock and enjoy a fun sound! Plus, their style pretty much rocks! And my heart goes out to Nick Jonas, who has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. (My heart also goes out to one of my small group kids- Nate, who also has to live with Type 1 Diabetes.) Some of my favorite catchy tunes from them are:

Year 3000- it's such a fun 'get dressed in the morning and get energized" song
Burnin' Up- just a fun rock your socks off song
Gotta Find You- i can imagine Chad Michael Murray (who I DO have a crush on) singing this to me! ha ha ha!!
S.O.S.- it's just fun to dance to!


It's such a fun, clean movie with a good theme. And be still my heart when he finds it's her! oh man! i melt! love should be full of great surprises! and answered prayers!

yes, i know, i'm such a sap!

But so far this summer, I've watched CAMP ROCK literally 25 times...and counting. heck, i'm probably gonna watch it again tonight! ha ha ha! love it!

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lovelygirl said...

I'm down with JB too. I try not to admit it too often, but this seems like a safe place. haha