Tuesday, August 26, 2008

spoiling myself... spoiling... not soiling!

hey everyone! So today was a great day and I'm so blessed! So I couldn't go to church on Sunday because I ran out of bus tickets... and I was broke... and it was a sad day cause i LOVE going to Westside. And I HAD to work on Monday, so I asked to borrow bus money from my roomie, Rosalind. And i was so humbled, and so embarrassed- I HATE asking for money. It's so humiliating to me! But I did and was sad that whole night, with knots in my stomach cause I was so embarrassed. And I'm like, now I gotta beg my mom to wire me some money, and if it's anyone i HATE borrowing from, it's my family! But when I went into work on Monday, my awkweepy (awkard & creepy) assistant manager Kevin gave me my first paycheck!! Yep- a whole $105!! Which isn't a whole lot, but hey, I can ride the bus to work this week! :) And since I get paid again in 5 days, I figured I'd spoil myself today! So I spent my day off sleeping in, cashing the check, eating fast food for lunch, and then hitting up Target for some hygiene stuff- toenail clippers, mouthwash, and floss (dental, not butt) and then headed over to Barnes and Noble for a good read. I read THE LOVELY BONES by Alice Sebold and I LOVED IT!!

Though to be honest, there was a moment I was reading and thought about my niece, Vanessa, who will turn 4 in December, and I started crying in the middle of the couch section. Like sniffles, and tears pouring... it was bad! So bad that when I was headed down the escalator to go home, I seriously thought about booking a flight and moving back to Austin just so I could see her! It was real bad. My eyes were all puffy and stuff when I went to the restroom to wash my face, so that people wouldn't notice as much.

Then I remembered why God brought me here and I knew I could stay and stick it out.. and that I would see Vanessa in January and hold her so tight, and love on her and tell her how beautiful and lovely and precious she is to me.

As I was leaving, I decided to buy a book and treat myself to a Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha and a slice of Cheesecake Factory Key Lime Cheesecake! And the book I bought, I had been wanting to read for the longest time, so I finally bought it! And lucky for me, it's on the Barnes and Noble Classics list that I want to read through! I bought myself The Purgatorio by Dante Alighieri! I'm so excited to start reading it on the bus ride to work tomorrow!

By the way, the bus ride to work is so nice- every day i get to smile out the window as I look at the harbor and look to the other side and see the Cascade Mountains and Mt. Rainier in the distance. :)

Oh yeah, and speaking of my job- I just got a new one!! I'll be turning in my two weeks notice tomorrow at Hallmark! Trust me, it isn't because I don't love being surrounded by Hallmark Cards! It's because right now, my Hallmark job is part time (25 hrs. a week) and pays $8.40 and hour, which only covers my rent- not food and other expenses. But this new job I got is at the offices for the Washington Association of Churches, and I will be a receptionist/administrative assistant for the main lady, Alice, that works there. And it's a full time Monday-Friday job that guarantees 37 hours a week, at $14 an hour! much more than I'm making at Hallmark! And I also get to help design new graphic stuff for them too! Event planning, decorations, manuals, logos, branding, the works! So I won't get rusty on my design skills! yay!! I'm so excited!!

Anyway, back to my day of spoiling myself...

To spoil myself even more, I had dinner at RED ROBIN!! Which, by the way, originated in Seattle! :) Love them bottomless fries! It was such a great day. And as I walked home, it rained and I was singing a sweet song on the walk home. If you've ever seen Earnest Goes To Camp, you'll know it.

Here's a video of the song: Gee I'm Glad It's Raining


Kelley R. said...

Oh Mandy!! You got the job!! Yaaaaaaay! I can't wait to talk to you about it. :) Glad your day was so amazing. :D

Bean said...

I am soooo glad to hear you've got a new job!! I'm so proud of you Amanda! You're doing it! You're really doing it! You're not backing down on what God intended for you right now : ] I know its tough but you can do it, I believe in you <3 I love you Mandapants!


elaine zuniga said...

AMANDA! Im so glad you are doing great! ATX misses ya!

bruno4president said...

yo yo yo... i was just called this week about you... twas about this job and i am so excited to hear you have received this job... bean said it best i beleive in you and you can do it... you need anything you know my email and my number (8179296465) always here...