Tuesday, August 12, 2008

you should get to know me...

so this is just a random blog that i'm gonna try to keep updated with random life events, rants, reviews, and just whatever!  But to get started, i figure you should know a little bit about me...so here i go. 

Name: Amanda Martinez
Nickname: Amo, Mandy, Manders, Miggity, Mandapants, Nez, and I\'m sure more to come!
Birthdate: november 3rd
Birthplace: nuremberg, germany
Hometown: spent most of my life in Austin, TX now I live in Seattle, WA
Eye Color & Hair Color: brown, dark brown
Height & Weight: tall, not so thin
Occupation / School: life experiencer
Righty or Lefty: righty
Heritage: hispanic- half mexican, half spanish
Favorite Color: baby blue
Favorite Animal: monkey
Favorite TV Show / Movie: csi (all 3) and One Tree Hill / A League Of Their Own
Favorite Cartoon: um...looney tunes??
Favorite Song: \"Nightminds\" by Missy Higgins
Favorite Sport: watching TV
Favorite Actor / Actress: tom hanks & julia roberts (for now)
Favorite Musician: missy higgins
Favorite Athlete: um...lucas scott
Favorite Comedian: dane cook or anjelah johnson
Favorite Food: chocolate!
Favorite Drink: dr.pepper
Favorite Number: between 1 and infinity...or is it actually infiinty...can't decide
Favorite School Subject: english
Favorite Clothing: old navy
Favorite Book: The Barbarian Way by Erwin McManus or The Inferno by Dante
Favorite Snack Food: pop secret homestyle pop corn
Favorite Season: summer- swimming anyone??
Hobby: blogging, chatting, writing, designing, singing, sleeping
Talent: graphic design, colorguard, movie impersonations...
Age of first kiss: probably kindergarten, but it meant nothing...
Age you lost your virginity: fifth or sixth grade, but it wasn't anything to be proud of...
Age you got married: not married
Age you had your first kid: don't have them yet, but really want some after i get married
Have you ever been drunk: no
Have you ever gotten high: no
Have you ever been arrested: no
Have you ever been in a fight: yes, many times
Have you ever been in an accident: not bad ones, but yeah
Fears: lots- heights, insects, creepos, falling
Most important possession(s) right now: debit card and my macbook pro
Pet Peeve: when yo\'re in a bathroom with LOTS of empty stalls, and you're the only one in there, but the next person that comes in sits in the one right next to you, instead of the dozen others they could have chosen- hello! i get stage fright!
Number of Tattoos: none
Number of Piercings: none
Best quality: sense of humor, love for people
Best physical trait: my hair? my wrists?? my smile probably

In the opposite sex...
Cute or Sexy: uh, both
Taller or Shorter: taller
Lips or Eyes: must have one set of lips and two eyes
Petite or Big: uh, i'm pretty sure any guy would be offended if he were known as petite. i go for somewhere in the middle
Sweet or Caring: both
Easygoing or Serious: best of both worlds
Sensitive or Loud: oh both!

Thoughts on...
Abortion: not really for it, but i don't think birth control counts either
Gay Marriage: against it
Gun Control: against it
God: totally for Him!
Aliens: uh, i don't think so

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