Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Hardest Button To Button

Yes. That is exactly what you think that is. That is a giant pile of clean clothes waiting to be folded, sorted, and either hung up or packed away for my trip to the east coast . . . which is tomorrow. I'm not ready to admit defeat just yet, but one of my major problems is that right before any big events, I get all panicky and I get this weird "anxious baby" syndrome!

I quickly become this little baby that doesn't want to wind down or go to sleep because my mind is racing a mile a minute. It's wondering, "What if I forget this? What if I miss this? Did I pack that? Man I'm hungry. Focus! Okay . . . Wait, what was I going to make sure to pack? I know I wrote it down . . . where IS that piece of paper I wrote it down on? Oh I should do ____ right now instead. Hey that sounds fun! Let's go!"

Yeah. No lie.

I started packing yesterday . . . and by started I mean I washed my clothes and threw them on my bed. My floor is STILL a mess by the way . . . and I still need to clean before I go to bed because the thought of coming home to a dirty room makes me sad. Last night I told myself I would clean, and I ended up not cleaning, but procrastinating like it was my job.

You know what I've done since I got off of work today? Let's see . . . I went to Cupcake Royale. I got home and made dinner. I sat and talked to my housemate. Made chocolate covered-strawberries. I dyed my hair. Blogged this post to avert my attention away from the giant pile of clothes on my bed. I'm about to go wash my hair. And after that, I'm turning off my wifi on my computer because if I leave it on, I'll hop on iChat and talk to friends for HOURS and not get anything accomplished. And what's more is that it's TOTALLY not their fault, it's ALL MY FAULT because when it comes time to pack and get things ready for big events or big trips . . . I can't FOCUS for the life of me.

Okay. Going now.

No. really.

Okay now.

*stares at clothing pile. glances over to PS2. glances over to electric guitar. glances over to pile of clothes. glances over to bookshelf.*

Okay going. Now. Really. Gone.

Now. . .


Ugh. Going.

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