Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tell Me Something Good

Okay so these past couple of days have been filled with so many verbal highlights!

Here are a few I will share with you.

1. Apparently, my accent is confusing. Let me first state that I don't think I have a "typical" Texas accent (whatever that even means). Also, I've been surrounded by friends from all over, and my vocabular has an incredible ability to adopt different phrases and intonations. This wouldn't seem so weird if most of my friends were from a specific region, but as it stands, they're seriously from all over—Baltimore, Atlanta, East Texas, Louisiana, California, etc. So as I was on the phone with my best friend, Sarah, who I'm going to be flying out to see in 2 weeks, I said something and she just starts laughing. And I was like, "Dude! Are you laughing at me?" and she goes, "Yeah. How close ARE you to Canada? Earlier you said something and you were like, 'I should, eh?' and just now you said, 'I think I'll probably fly in to BWI, yeah?"" Needless to say, I did it subconsciously and we both laughed so much after that.

2. Let this be a warning to you all. So I went out to dinner with some of my small group friends, and we ate dinner at Saffron Grill before heading out to go see a movie. And I gotta admit, I may have had one too many cups of chai. The jokes were seriously just pouring out of my mouth and there were a few moments I was laughing so much that I switched into silent laugh mode! Then towards the end of the meal, my friend Stephanie said something along the lines of, "Amanda, I think our other small group was safer for you. We didn't go out in public as much." This, of course, only made me laugh more . . . cause it's SO true! People, you gotta realize—when you take me out in public with you, you're taking a pretty big risk for a multitude of shenanigans to ensue.

3. Movie watching is a commentator sport where I'm concerned. After dinner, we went to The Crest to go see CLASH OF THE TITANS (which I will forever lovingly refer to as "Clash of the Titians") And me and Laura McGreggor just kept making ALLLLLL sorts of commentary throughout the movie. Okay to be honest, it wasn't great, so it warranted some Mystery Science Theater interruptions. But I think I realized just how prevalent it was during a scene where Perseus is sent a Pegasus down from Mount Olympus as a gift, and I couldn't restrain myself as I belted out loud, "Wait! How come he gets a pony?!? For crying out loud! I want a pony!"

I realize that my little quirks may dwindle down my relationship pool, but let it be known, that no matter what happens or where I go in life, I will never cease to be entertained. And I'm okay with that.

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