Wednesday, June 9, 2010

La La Lie

Last night I got the chance to watch the latest episode of LIE TO ME, which is by far one of my favorite shows to watch! It now comes on Monday nights, but I didn't get a chance to see it due to other plans, so I got to watch it last night. It's been on hiatus for a bit and just began with new episodes for the summer, which is GREAT since Glee and Bones are done until the fall, and LOST is forever resting in pieces :(

. . . hang on folks, just give me a minute while I cry in a corner . . .

Okay. Moment's over. Anyway, as I was saying . . .

My summer viewing has been resurrected by the re-appearance of LIE TO ME. I always wanted to go to study psychology, and I think it's actually quite fitting that the place I work at outsources counseling resources. But this show, is like the cherry on top. I seriously wish that I would have taken some college courses in studying in-depth psychology and micro-expressions. I mean, I remember taking Psychology in High School and just feeling like a kid in a candy shop! I love it!

But LIE TO ME is a favorite show because excels in maintaining a healthy balance of character development, with a focused field of study, and a good amount of snarky/witty writing that doesn't detract from the bigger goal.* The direction, character arcs, and scenarios are just a great balance for what I enjoy in a TV show.

I would be lying** if I said that this show doesn't compel me to pay more attention to people's micro-expressions more. I do. I just do. And it fascinates me. I also love how they incorporate real life photos/video footage of leaders, pop icons, and other familiar faces to serve as examples. So many things about this show inspire me as a writer, as a creative, and as a viewer in general.

So if you also find yourself intrigued by psychology, good drama, and lots of snark, you should check it out (Monday nights on FOX). The good news is, you can still watch a few of the past episodes on HULU! ;p

Here are some things for your consideration:

* plus, the guy that plays Eli Loker is pretty foxy. Just sayin'
**see what I did there?? ;P

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Kelley R. said...

Should I start lying to you periodically, to test your lie-detection ability?

Just trying to be helpful...