Thursday, June 10, 2010

One Small Step


So did I tell you that I had dinner with the Pope last night? Cause I TOTALLY did!!

See . . .

It was good times!

There's really nothing exciting to report today, except I'm really happy that this morning I got a slew of Media Messages from my buddy Sean, showing me the package he's shipping me in the mail! And what pray tell is in said package?

Oh I dunno, maybe a replacement iPod Shuffle!!!

I feel like it's been forever since I accidentally sent my previous Shuffle (R.I.P.) to a briny death in Davey Jones' Washing Machine.

A moment of silence please . . .

But luckily, I have awesome friends like Sean who are willing to ship me their iPod Shuffle as a free-placement!* So when it gets here, I'm gonna load it up with some new stuff I've been listening to on my phone.

So I figured I'd take some time to share more music with you guys, since I haven't in a while. I hope you enjoy these!

1. LIGHT OF THE MORNING by Band of Skulls

Okay so last night I was watching TV with the housemates and this song came on a Mazda commercial. After fumbling for my phone to SHAZZAAM it and failing, I quickly typed in the lyrics I remembered and me and Gina both anxiously waited for the results to show up—we loved it! So then I found out it was this song by Band of Skulls. Much like tunes from BRMC, this song just makes me feel like a rock star. So I celebrated by playing air guitar and air drums this morning while listening to it!

2. LET'S GO by Madi Diaz

My friend Jessica gave me a link to Madi Diaz's Myspace and after listening to Let's Go and Heavy Heart, I quickly added them to my iTunes! I really want to learn to play this song on my guitar!

3. LAST OCTOBER by Green River Ordianance

One of my friends on Twitter recently introduced me to Green River Ordinance and I bought their album in one of the sale deals going on at I'm really glad I did. I recently had this song on repeat when I was doing some screenwriting—I love when great music inspires me to write! Apparently, someone likes to listen to it while they watch WALK THE LINE, cause this is the only clear version I could find online ;)

4. LIGHT UP THE SKY by The Afters

My friend Esther's brother is in The Afters and I love their sound! This song is a comfort to me on a daily basis!

5. THE WAY WE WERE by The Season

The Season is a new band, and they don't have a video out that I can embed here, but if you click the link, you can listen. I'm going to see them play live here in Seattle in a couple of weeks and I'm SO excited!

The Way We Were by The Season (COLORADO SPRINGS TONIGHT!)

6. NOT EVERYONE LEAVES by Camera Can't Lie
I will say, listening to Camera Can't Lie is what led me to listening to The Season. The lead singer for Camera Can't Lie, Eric Arjes, helped produce that record for The Season. Recently, Camera Can't Lie released their EP called NOT EVERYONE LEAVES, and this is the title track, which I just LOVE!

*see what I did there? ;p


Kelley R. said...

Psst... You forgot MUTEMATH.

Kelley R. said...

But, "a briny death in Davey Jones' Washing Machine" is funny.