Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Not Ready To Make Nice

So I've officially reached Rip VanWinkle status. I went to bed earlier last night but still woke up late. Well, relatively late anyway. I'm definitely still going to make it to work on time, I just don't like the feeling of oversleeping when I don't have the next day off.

Anyway. So not only did I subconsciously turn off both my computer alarm and my cell phone alarm, but even Kelley's life-saving efforts were thwarted.

I had apparently left my iChat on overnight and she noticed at a certain time this morning that my status went from AWAY to my "current iTunes song," which was for my alarm, Eye Of The Tiger.

I had been talking to Kel about my oversleeping issue and she had a pretty genius idea. You see, I have my Twitter set up to text message alert me only when someone sends me a Twitter Direct Message. So she did. This would have worked out PERFECTLY were it not for the fact that I, apparently, subconsciously hid my phone under my pillow . . . which I had never done before. So not only did I freak out when I finally DID wake up and see the time displayed on my laptop, but I freaked out even more when I couldn't find my phone.

Moral of the story: I'm going to start going to bed at noon and hope my boss understands. ;p jk. But I am going to strategize to beat my body's overbearing need to require ridiculous amounts of oversleep.

Oh irreverent sleep patterns . . . You won this round but I will come back, guns blazing!


Jessica said...

Irreverent sleep patterns are a regularity in my life as well. Darn them! Although my problem is precisely the opposite of yours: I have some serious insomnia issues. But point is this: I feel your pain! And I sincerely wish you the best as you kick your sleep issues in the teeth. Or rear. Or both! :)

amo (amanda) said...

Thanks Jess! I really need to let my body know who's boss ;)