Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You're So Vain

So originally I was going to write a post about my new haircut that I'm absolutely in love with! However, last night was filled with all sorts of Twitter shenanigans and I'd feel like I was cheating everyone from truly enjoying all the best parts of my life if I didn't feature it today.

So I'll just let you know that last night I got my haircut at VAIN here in Seattle (for $15!!) and I'm in love with my hair!

And now we'll get on to the real highlight—cause let's be honest, my hair will be cut again, but the conversation you're about to peek-in on won't be repeated. I mean, maybe it could, but that would just be silly. In any event, enjoy these shenanigans!

I've been lucky enough to make some awesome friends on Twitter. So much so, that I have a tentative meet-up planned as soon as my travel dates for my Baltimore/NY trip is confirmed. :D Two of my newer friends are @Pandabear2442 and @parachutefancom! They are both fellow fans of Parachute and one of them runs one of my favorite sites ever: PARACHUTEFAN.COM! So, Parachutefancom asked me this question on my Formspring yesterday:
(click image to enlarge)

I then tweeted about it (via Twitter—for those not familiar with the lingo) and then the shenanigans ensued!
(click image to enlarge)

And that link leads to this>

And so we carry on . . .

Then all of a sudden, my web browser crashed!

And for the record, I really DID submit this form just as you see it here

Jenny's link>

You are my life sound bite

Jenny knows the perfect way to cap off the night!

And what's better than a funny Twitter conversation? Enjoying it the next morning!

Who knew indeed? ;p


Amanda said...

Hahhahaha I love the recap! Ohh man, I definitely should NOT have gone to bed last night ... although, I did enjoy the laughs in the morning!

I also love the hair cut!

amo (amanda) said...

we missed you ;) But man seriously, I felt terrible cause i was seriously laughing so hard out loud, and like curling up from laughter on my bed during "quiet hours" in my house. I'm surprised my housemates didn't come knock on my door to tell me to shut up ;p