Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I went downtown today to take pictures of mannequins for this contest that Parachute is doing, which is a spin off of their new music video for UNDER CONTROL:

which . . . i LOVE the song and the music video is just the cherry on top ;)
So the contest is to find a 'mannequin date' for "Jeff" the mannequin from their video.

Got some good pics, and then got an even better creative idea. More to come on that. :D

But while I was out, I came across this artwork on display in a window and it really took me back to when I was younger. It's really a sweet work of art as well. Very accurate, very colorful. I like it :D

So why would this take me back you ask . . . (you were going to ask, weren't you??) Anyway. For those who may be unaware, the background part of the painting is of a mexican lottery card.

We used to play Loteria so much when I was a kiddo. :D We used to bust out the Loteria cards and dry beans, which we used to cover the ones that were called out that were on our card. It's the same concept as regular bingo, but we use dry beans instead of daubers. And everything is in spanish and has a corresponding picture. I'm thinking about buying a set of my own just for nostalgia sake. :D My favorite one on the card . . .

La Chalupa

It's so fun to say :D I remember we used to laugh so hard at the table playing Loteria. At one point, I remember me and my brother laughing so hard . . . and we kept saying "LOTTA!" in this really extremely hilarious mexican accent . . . which only made us laugh harder :D Now i REALLY wanna play :D

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