Thursday, October 1, 2009

Swept Away

This blog post is WAY overdue, but things have been kinda busy, so here it is just a tad bit late :D

Me and Cindy Jones went to the Flyleaf listening party for their upcoming album, MEMENTO MORI. It was a really sweet set-up, and the first stop on their "Road to Memento Mori" tour . . . which meant that we were not allowed to take pics inside :( No cameras. No cellphones. Only mental memories. It was still a rockin' good time, AND Lacey and Samir showed up and did a short 2 song acoustic set. It was GREAT! For pre-ordering the album, I got an autographed lithograph print made by Pat from Flyleaf. It's black and white and will go quite nicely with the decor in my room, so that's a plus :D

The last time I was at El Corazon, was when I went to see Owls to Athens play with Bobby Long. The room was open and empty to prep for the crowd to move about. But at this listening party, the set up was SO different. Cindy and I were both amazed at all the effort put into making it so intimate and unique. As we walked in, there were individual high bar tables for 2 or 3 people to sit at. There were black candelabras with orange flame twinkle lights glowing on top of them as they sat on the shimmery black table cloths covered in white rose petals. The room was dimly lit and some of Flyleaf's music was playing lightly in the background.

The MC came up and told us that we would be listening to the album there that night and also we would have a chance to see some never before seen footage and music videos (hence the request for no cameras and cell phones, etc.). We watched a concert and raw music video footage loop play onscreen as they played the new album for us to enjoy. I LOVE the new songs they have on there. I think my fave thus far is AGAIN. It's been playing on my iPod every day since it was pre-released on iTunes :D Here is the song in youtube format:

We also got to see the music video for AGAIN, which, I LOVE! It's so creative and artastic. We also got to see the music video for Beautiful Bride, which was not my fave, but it was still pretty cool.

Then, the MC got up and said that Lacey and Samir were there to do a 2 song acoustic set. It was AMAZING! Lacey's voice is so strong and powerful, it's crazy to think it could come from such a small person. It was really a huge treat to be able to hear them sing AGAIN and BEAUTIFUL BRIDE—it made my night. After the set, I got to go to the merch table and pre-order the album (which I will get next week!) and as a bonus, got a huge lithograph poster designed by Pat. It's SO creative! And I got to meet Lacey and Samir and they autographed my poster.

What made the evening so much cooler was being able to share it with Cindy! She's so fun and I'm so grateful that she got to come out and experience it all with me. :D We got to talk about crazy strangers and my OCD tendancies and our moms and other stuff. It was a fun evening with fun conversation. :D

We weren't able to get many pics from the night, but here's what we did get:

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