Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Midnight Land

This morning started a bit rough. The good news is I went to bed WAY early, so that I wouldn't be sleep deprived. Nonetheless, I woke up with a scratchy, swollen throat. I tweeted about it, which updates my Facebook status. I thought for sure my dad would see the update and then give me a call and ask me #1 why I was up so early and #2 if I had gargled with warm salt water yet. Now, if it's one thing I strongly dislike (though I probably shouldn't, but eh. whaddayado?) it's gargling with warm salt water. Something about salty water is just not appealing. Now cold salt water that I accidentally swallow while swimming is one thing . . . warm, nay, hot salt water is gross. :( True story.

It was so weird getting on the bus and going to work this morning. I guess I never realized exactly how PITCH BLACK 6 a.m. was in the Pacific Northwest. I wasn't able to see a lot of the landmarks that remind me which bus stop to get off at. So I kept my head plastered to the side of the crowded bus like a moron so I could try to make out little signs that were dimly lit along the way. Oh yeah, so, my bus was WAY crowded this morning. The first bus I took made it 5 blocks to the transit center and then we all had to de-board and wait for the next bus because the one we were on had a flat tire. :( Lame-ski. So now there's two groups of hostile non-morning people waiting to board another bus that's half full of other non-morning people trying to hurry to get to work. I imagine it's something equivalent to choosing to give a giant plate of steak to only ONE select lion in the den. It was madness.

I haven't eaten meat for the past two days. I think something's wrong with me. The carnivore inside of me declared war this morning, so I decided to eat a turkey sandwich at Quiznos. So I order a regular sandwich and the guy charges me for a large. So I notice for a second that the total is higher than i expected, but today i'm blaming everything on the drugs (it's just easier that way and i'm sure in some way it's true) so I use the swipey and go sit down to eat. Then the lady that made my sandwich comes to the register and calls me over because he OVERCHARGED me. So then she goes to fix it and he goes, "Why don't we just give her two cookies instead of going through all this hassel?" And i just smile . . . because i'm thinking how much i'd like to slap the guy in the face . . . just sayin'. So then she fixes it and gives me my money back and i was SO tempted as i left to go up and say to her, in a loud mexican manner, "Thanks for fixing my order total. You really deserve a raise. That other guy only deserves two cookies."

My day was made better by my boss. We are on a MAJOR deadline and things have been so hectic. But this afternoon, my boss came to my desk with the latest corrections and was seriously near tears. She was just saying how glad she is that I've been working so hard to get things done and that she's so proud of me for being part of the team and taking on such a big thing and just following through. She said she had been really stressed out about everything but that she was so thankful that I've followed through and haven't complained and that it's really made things easier for her to know she can depend on me. That really made my day. Here's why—my boss . . . is AMAZING. no. seriously. she is. she's not just this chick that barks orders. She is so giving and so loving and isn't afraid to give me a hug or a word of encouragement. She counts me as part of the team and she's just so fun to be around. She lets me talk to her about Parachute and about movies and pop culture and all sorts of stuff. And she is so understanding and so patient with me. I really love working with and for her :D

So now that I've given you a basic rundown of my day and I've hosed down my room in Lysol, I'm gonna call it a night.

Sleep tight.
Don't let the bed bugs talk you into gargling with warm salt water.

Love always,
Amanda and the medicine ;)

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