Thursday, February 4, 2010


It's a Lisztomania!

People Awake This Morning At 5 a.m. Seattle Time:
4. The driver of Metro Transit bus #41 (barely)
5. Me

Songs I Can't Wait To Hear Tomorrow Night At The Jack's Mannequin Concert:
1. Into The Airwaves
2. Swim
3. Spinning
4. Dark Blue
5. Only Ashes (cover of Something Corporate) . . . i HOPE they play it!

Thoughts Running Through My Mind Today:
1. I'm glad I'm not God because I'd give up being everyone's miracle worker way too easy.
2. No more Twizzlers. Okay one more. Okay just ONE more. Gah. Is that seriously the whole bag? Jeeze.
3. I need coffee. Coffee. Coff coff cah coffeeeeeeeee.
4. I love the manacle musings of artists
5. What am I forgetting to do today?

Places I Visited In My Head Today:
1 Madrid
2. New York
3. my bed
4. Charlie's Chocolate Factory
5. a hot tub

Thoughts Running Through My Mind When Confronted With Rude, Snarky Barista This Morning:
1. I wish I hadn't already PAID for my coffee.
2. I wish I could form a full sentence to tell you how barely awake I am.
3. Is that really necessary?
4. Please never work for Hallmark
5. Thanks for the snark, I was running out

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