Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Little Things You Give Away

I don't think I've done this in a while, but for today's post, I'm going to link to another blog post that I think is worth reading. Here are things it will do for you (with a 95% GUARANTEE):

1. Make you smile.
2. Make you cry.
3. Make you think about the people in your life that mean the most to you.
4. Make your heart hurt.
5. Put you in the writer's "shoes" so to speak—it's very well written
6. Make you cry some more.
7. Make you realize the beauty of life
8. Make you realize that sometimes the best blessings look different than we planned.
9. Make you smile some more.
10. Make you want to share love with someone in need.

(thanks to Kelley for the link)

1 comment:

Alisa said...

Seriously Amanda, don't ever do that again. You didn't tell me I would need an entire box of kleenex. Yes, you did say it would make me cry but really... OK, you can do that again. This was just an amazing and beautifully written story. It made me want to love everyone in my life so much better and share that love with others. All I can say is wow and forgive me Lord for taking granted this wonderful life, family and friends you have given me. Thanks Amanda. I love you.