Monday, February 15, 2010

We Belong

(photo taken at the EMP Taking Aim Interactive Photo Booth)

The Experience Music Project has a new photography exhibit running right now featuring Rock and Roll photography:

EMP|SFM is proud to present Taking Aim: Unforgettable Rock 'n' Roll Photographs Selected by Graham Nash. This dynamic new exhibition, organized by Experience Music Project, showcases some of the most memorable photography in the history of popular music, as chosen by legendary musician Graham Nash of supergroup Crosby, Stills & Nash, who is also well-known as a photographer, collector and pioneer in digital imaging and printing.

As guest curator, Graham Nash, brings his rich musical history, keen eye and storytelling skills to an exhibition of 98 rock 'n' roll images taken by 40 of the world's greatest music photographers, including Anton Corbijn, Lynn Goldsmith, Annie Leibovitz, Jim Marshall, Neal Preston, Mick Rock, Francesco Scavullo and Nash himself.

As I walked by each and every photograph, my love and passion for both photography and rock and roll music was re-awakened. The images were beautiful, painful, inspiring, and each truly evoked more than a thousand words surrounding the day and age they were taken in and what they represented. This photograph taken by Annie Leibovitz, of Emmylou Harris standing by a pond holding her guitar was my favorite:

It's simplicity and beauty just overwhelmed me. The power of one person, living in their element, sharing their dream and their heart with others through such a powerful art form is so stunning to me. All the time and talent and energy that one person can put into making their voice heard, and inspiring others to open up and talk about life with others is such a wonderful part of the arts. I remember seeing Plumb live in concert once and one of my favorite things that Tiffany Arbuckle said was, "Even though a lot of the songs deal with heavy subjects, it's real life. It's real hurts and real struggles that people have, and if all I can do is be a voice that opens up doors for others to talk about real life with someone else, and learn and grow from it, then everything I'm doing here is worth it." That, to me, is music. True music. True talent. True art.

To see more images from the exhibit, CLICK HERE.

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