Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Journey To Hogwarts

One of the things that is difficult for me to understand is the lack of coffee shops in Seattle that are open LATE. Most coffee shops that I've come across close around 8 p.m. . . . 8 PM! What is THAT all about? Even in Austin, coffee shops stay open until 10 p.m. (at least from what I remember). There's even a Starbucks in Round Rock that's open 24 hours (drive through)! And up until recently, my neighborhood has been devoid of any truly local coffee shops—at least since I've lived here. But then my friend Kayleigh shared this gem with me . . . oh don't worry, you'll understand the pun in just a second . . . THE JEWEL BOX CAFE at Thornton Place. It's like 4 blocks from where I live, just across the street from the new movie theater.

This place is wonderful! They have great coffee, a swanky cool atmosphere, and they serve some yummy crepes and sandwiches. Ever since I found out about it, it's become my frequent hangout. I lovingly refer to it as Hogwarts cause the inside of it looks like something straight outta Harry Potter. It's so great that I now have a nice local coffee shop to come to. Today is just absolutely beautiful so I knew I HAD to come and get some yummy coffee and a sandwich. Here are some pics of my new hangout:

enjoying the beautiful sunny day

the entrance, the fireplace with couches in front of it

since it's so nice outside, they opened up the garage door side

the ordering bar

The bonus feature? IT'S OPEN LATE!
I have a feeling that many a script/song/project will be worked on here :D


Anonymous said...

Amanda, Kristi and Julie and I owned a coffee shop in Roanoke, where we all lived for a few years after Julie's daughter Lacey died. Kristi was the one who really ran it, and she did a fantastic job. It looked like this one! And she stayed open till 10:00 PM!!! It was really successful. We took many pictures. It had comfortable couches and chairs and she served soups and panini sandwiches and of course coffee! And it was also a book store. It was wonderful...oh and antiques too...I wish you could have been there to hang out. I am glad you found yours there in Seattle, Love Aunt Lois

RE Ramcharan said...

When I can't find a coffee house that stays open late, I go to the donut shop. They're usually open all nnight, and they rarely get robbed because of all the cops.

Anonymous said...

That place looks really cute! I'm so glad you found it!