Thursday, February 11, 2010

Champagne For My Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends

Okay, so by far, one of my favorite people to talk to is Kelley Rowe. She's hilarious and she lets me be as ridiculous as I need to be so that I can sift through my mess of a brain that functions at 90 miles a minute.

For instance, today I shared with her an article about the Olympics and how North Korea and South Korea aren't going to march together in the Opening Torch Ceremony. I told her I thought it was dumb, mainly because I'm more of a peacemaker and I think it's silly that they won't march together. Did I mention that Kelley also keeps me grounded in reality when my idealistic whimsy attacks?

Here is our conversation from earlier:

Kelley: ...good grief
well you know
i kind of support that
north korea has chosen to isolate itself in open aggression against the international community. as warm and fuzzy as the olympics are, we shouldnt pretend that the situation isnt what it is. i would think it was silly if it was only an expression of disunity at the olympics. but its not...its representative of a real-life situation. north korea has been testing missiles meant to carry nuclear war heads in the sea of japan. it is open hostility against japan and the rest of the world. their actions cant be without repercussions, even ones that seem petty

Me: i just think it's all silly. all of it.
also, i'm scripting a movie about it where one of the competitors from North Korea falls in love with someone from South Korea. I'm going to make their team colors blue vs. red. And I'm going to nickname one of them Shark and the other Jet. Then I'm going to add in a plot twist about getting a golden pendant to a shop called Middle Earth. The working title is: OLYMPITAR

Kelley: lol
you are so ridiculous
will there be a boy wizard working in the shop in middle earth?

Me: of COURSE there's a boy wizard!
how do you think Shark and Jet get together in the end??
crap. now i've spoiled the movie for you

Kelley: ...magical spell?

Me: i'm not telling . . . it would be too big of a spoiler

Kelley: awww

Me: hehehehehehe
. . . let's just say it involves a magic potion called Eywa

Kelley: eeeh
or is it... treepee

I think it should be a mandated law that everyone have SOMEONE they can just be ridiculous with :D

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