Tuesday, April 13, 2010

10. A.M. Automatic

Who lip-syncs along to their favorite jams while they're getting ready for work in the morning?!?


This can only mean one thing . . . time for another music round up! Here are some of the songs I've been singing while getting ready in the mornings:

| ONE SMALL STEP by Sparky's Flaw (aka Parachute) |

I've actually had this one on the good 'ol iPeezy for a while, but it came on the other day and I just put it on repeat for a good 20 minutes and it's made it's way into my morning routine. It's peppy and it's a real get-up-and-go tune.

| I WOKE UP IN A CAR [ADAM YOUNG REMIX] by Something Corporate |

In anticipation of the upcoming "Best Of" album by Something Corporate, titled SPACE, they released this remixed version of I Woke Up In A Car by Adam Young of Owl City. I'm not really a fan of how he Auto-Tuned Andrew's voice, but the mix overall gives a kinda of pop sound to a punk rock tune, and I can appreciate that in moderation. I do like this mix. :D


| BYE, BYE, BYE (cover) by Further Seems Forever |

While we're delving into the wonderful goodness of punk rock tunes, let's talk about how sad I am that I only just heard this cover recently . . . and it's been out since 2002. Shame. Just shame. In any event, it will no longer go ignored ;)

| MY DARLING BELLE by Bobby Long |

So I bought this on iTunes, but there is no video of it on YouTube for me to post here. But Bobby Long is one of my favorite indie folk artists. I love his voice and his style, so bold and poetic. If you get a chance, listen to (or buy) the track on iTunes. It's a good'un. ;) In the meantime, here is a live performance of Bobby playing My Darling Belle in Vancouver, BC.

| AIRPLANES by B.o.B. Featuring Hayley Williams from Paramore |

I promise you there is crack cocaine stuck in every nook and cranny of this hook. It has been stuck in my head so much. It's so catchy and it's very clever lyrically. And did I mention that I absolutely LOVE Hayley Williams?? Cause I do! She's one of the best things that could have ever happened to punk rock! And, as THE JIGGLE'S PUFF says, "you can now go ahead and add rap as well."

| HEARTLESS by Justin Nozuka |

This is a great one that gives a sweet soothing vibe in the morning. It's off of Justin's new album, which just came out this morning and has been added to my iTunes. This is just a great song that reaches to that smooth music vibe I dig.

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