Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You I Wind Land And Sea

Proof that I still play with my food. :D

I'm so sorry I've been MIA for the past few days, but this vacation was truly jam packed! I was having WAY too much fun hanging out with my friends and family live and in person!! woo hoo! I didn't have much time for any tumblr or blogspot updates! So, to hold you over until my mega update/adventure post tomorrow, here are a couple of pictures I took (more will be added tomorrow and in the following days) and a video that I took from the reunion! Primarily, these are of the grandkids (not my grandkids, duh, just in general they are grandkids). I love capturing their fun interactions on camera. I hope they never outgrow it.

Sable, Major, & Vanessa creating castles and other fantastic things.

Annabelle playing with a fun learning toy

Sweet dreams for my two princesses—i love my nieces!

Every year for our family reunion, we make family t-shirts. My mom's side of the family is the Arroyo family. They asked me to make the design for the shirts this year with simple guidelines: it has to have the family name on it and it has to have the UT Longhorns logo on it. Since my family is heavily involved in sports, primarily baseball, I made our shirts resemble baseball shirts, with a complete "team roster" on the back of the shirt! The kelley green with white lettering shirts were for the adults/older grandkids and the white shirts with the green lettering were for the smaller grandkids who couldn't fit into the bigger sizes. They all liked them a lot! :D

And here is a video that will probably be shown to their respective boy/girlfriends when they get older, to show just "what cute kids" they were ;)

Major and Vanessa spaz dancing! :D

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