Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Let's start here . . .

I think you could ask probably any girl to name one famous person that they love and they've got at least 2 people ready on a list in their brains. Some would like to call them "celebrity idols" or "iconic heroes." I have what I like to call, GIRL CRUSHES. Legit. I have girl crushes. Don't be fooled, I still bat for the home team, but truth be told, if I were ever ever ever ever ever in the presence of these drop-dead gorgeous, amazingly talented women, I'd GEEK OUT like no other!!!


And not just cause she's a Latina . . . promise! ;) She has truly grown as an actress and even though she totally could, she's not a celeb that goes around seeking headline stories and shocking tabloid press. She's classy—she's one of those ladies that can walk onto the red carpet and just command your attention, without even having to shout . . . which we Latinas can tend to be known for. She's a phenomenal actress. She's beautiful. She's named after my country for crying out loud! ;) But really, she just is such a stunning woman. I love her!

Girl Crush #2: KAT VON D

Being a woman who is a little "rough around the edges" and tends to "push the envelope," I got nothin' but love for Kat Von D. She's got a great sense of style and is incredibly talented. I know it can be easy for people look at a woman with tattoos and think she's just trying to fight for attention or she's kind of lower class, but I see Kat and I think the complete opposite! She's beautiful and the art that lives on her body is equally as beautiful because they each represent something special to her. And though I will never have such an extravagant amount of ink done on my body . . . in fact, I'm shooting for one here, folks, I will always smile big when I see her pics or re-runs of Miami/L.A. Ink. PS: Have you SEEN her makeup line at Sephora?? It's like she's reading my "make-up" mind!


I love punk rock music. Plain and simple. I do. Hayley, the lead singer of Parmore, is the queeeeeen of punk rock music! She's funny, she's got a laid-back personality, she can rock a guitar with the best of them, and the girl can SING! man. i just love everything about Hayley. I seriously could go on and on. I've currently got 4 Paramore songs in the queue for me to learn to play on my electric guitar . . . I know it'll be a while until I get even anywhere NEAR her talent, but man, I'm excited to learn! Plus, she's so rad, I titled this blog post after one of Paramore's songs ;)

Girl Crush #4: KATIE SOKOLER (color me katie)

You may be asking yourself, "Who is this? What show is she on?" Well let me set the record straight. She's one of the most creative people I know . . . and she's not on TV or in movies . . . she's just an extremely creative woman that I admire. I first found out about her through an article in American Way Magazine . . . yes, the in-flight American Airlines magazine. But her creativity really re-fueled the creativity in me and inspired me sooooo much! You should check out her blog --- COLOR ME KATIE and take a look at her wonderful, whimsical work! You may not develop as much of a girl crush on her as I have, but you'll at least be tempted ;)

Girl Crush #5: KRISTEN WIIG

When it comes to funny, I look straight to Kristen Wiig. She is just a top notch improv comedienne! She is one of the main reasons I watch Saturday Night Live. Her impressions and the sketches she is in are the best medicine for me after stressful days. When I need a good laugh, I watch her various Gilly sketches, or her Bjork sketches on hulu and just laugh the stress away! She's beautiful, strong, funny, and isn't afraid to push the envelope—and I LOVE that about her!

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Jeremiah Earley said...

Kristen Wiig is AWESOME!!