Monday, April 12, 2010

Talk To Me

Hello Class!

Today we have a guest speaker: iChat!!

This is one of my favorite tools for communication. The ability to share files, and to chat with my friends makes me smile soooooo big!! Like this:

Exhibit A: Ridiculous Smile While Crossing Eyes From Excitement

Okay maybe not quite like that . . . but you kinda get the point ;)

But i really DO like to chat with friends. Amazingly enough, one of the people I talk to most on there is my friend Kelley.

Exhibit B: Kelley, Friend Extraordinaire

When I lived in Austin, Kelley was the person who would always hang out with me when I wanted to do stupid stuff. She'd also willingly hang out with me in the print room while waiting for 5,000 brochures to print out on the (handcrafted by Satan) Bizhub printer at 4 a.m. while we guzzled down primo octane espresso courtesy of the 24 hour Starbucks down the road. If I was going somewhere, Kelley was riding shotgun. We shared so many inside jokes and she has become one of my most near and dear best friends. Last Thanksgiving, she was able to come up to Seattle and visit me and we didn't miss a beat! I loved it!

Now that she's back at school in Texas, we use iChat to keep up with funny, sad, tough, liberating moments each day. We talk about EVERYTHING. And because we are able to play off of each other's humor (trust me, she is like 10,000,000,000 times funnier and quick witted than me!) Here are some of my favorite recent chats with Kelley:

Exhibit C: We were having a discussion and for some reason, a conversation she had had with her dorm-mate who was telling her about placenta-based shampoos came up. Please note: we are completely random people & we talk about all sorts of stuff—but it always ends in good laughs.

(click to enlarge)

Exhibit D: We were talking about how I really wanted to watch a show on TV but I had a prior engagement. The prior engagement was pretty important, but the pop-culture junkie in me really wanted to be able to watch the episode.

(click to enlarge)

Exhibit E: We had found a picture of a friend of a friend online and she made a reference back to a moment from her visit to Seattle. We had gone to see Parachute play and they were opening for Kelly Clarkson. The ENTIRE night, Kelley kept referring to Kelly Clarkson as though she were Carrie Underwood. I still get good laughs from that. PS: I have WAY too many friends and friends of friends who look like Elijah Wood.

(click to enlarge)

I'm telling you, it's never a dull moment on my iChat! I love it! PS: that picture of Andrew McMahon doing the "Haters Gonna Hate" is like . . . the best thing on the planet. It comes up constantly throughout my chats with Kelley. I'll send it to her randomly in response, and as you can see, she reciprocates the favor ;) In fact, if you ever get bored, go to my Tumblr and search back through my posts to find the chat posts. They are mainly banter between me and Kel. We are quite the duo . . . one day we will learn to fight crime together. We will be armed with wit and this:

Extra Extra PPPPPS: If you have an Instant Messenger Screen name, email me, DM me, FB Message me, or leave me a comment and I will add you and share in the shenanigans! ;) I heart my iChat! :D


Kelley R. said...

OMG. Your friends sounds like first-class weirdos.


amo (amanda) said...

for real! what a bunch of losers! i wish my friends would get a life and stop iChatting me about stupid stuff all the time . . . psh. like anyone even knows what a placenta is! :O ridiculous.