Thursday, April 1, 2010


Ahoy from Denver, Colorado!

I have a 3 hour layover at the Denvy airport, so I figured I would blog, y'know, since I've neglected it for the past 2 days ;)

Today has actually been kinda sub-par on the flying side of things. Normally I enjoy flying and exploring different airports, but there's just something kinda crummy about the morning flight today. (careful, I'm about to get real whiny and pretend I'm entitled to things)

Maybe it was because I requested a window seat on my online ticket purchase and instead got an aisle seat at the back of the plane. (I'm freakin' Glenn from The Wedding Singer :O ) In my attempts to sleep after irresponsibly only getting an hour of it since yesterday, I was jolted out of my sleep about 5 times for the beverage cart, 3 times by people using the bathroom, and about 25 times by the fidgety little girl sitting next to me. In between my zombie phased drowsiness, I had to make sure that the cuppy cakes that I'm bringing home were safe. Don't worry though, they made it through the first flight A-OK! :D

Then as we were taxiing and waiting at the gate, the mother of the girl sitting next to me, who was in my row as well, started puking everywhere. Some made it into the bag, some not so much. The smell was overwhelming. In those moments, I am ENTIRELY grateful that I don't get sick at the sight/sound/smell of vomit. It was miserable. And people around me were holding their nose saying they were about to puke. All of a sudden, I remembered the Lard Ass scene from Stand By Me and I panicked—I HAVE TO GET OFF THIS PLANE NOW!!!!! :O

Luckily, I made it out of there safe and sound, cuppy cakes in tow and ready to get some grub. And in an airport filled with tons of overpriced food, where does my heart wander but to the Pizza Hut. It really is criminal the way I love pizza.

So now I'm just chillaxin in the Denvy airport waiting for the next flight. I find myself conflicted by the attraction of the Denver airport though. I went to use the restroom and was excited to see the numerous stalls that I could choose from . . . mainly because this cuts down the odds of someone sitting in the stall next to me . . . which is a weird pet peeve—i feel like i have more "guy" habits than "girl" habits sometimes. So yeah, excited about the number of stalls, NOT excited about the fact that over half of them were either dirty or out of order, thus negating the glory of having all those stalls and also increasing the line. :(

Then I got really excited because I found out that they have free wi-fi here! Woot! And then I realize that it automatically refreshes my web page every few minutes to show me a new ad. This part actually kind of pissed me off. I was trying to answer a trivia question on Twitter to win a free CD package of Something Corporate's new 'best of' album and I didn't win because every time I tried to @ reply, the page automatically refreshed . . . and someone else won :( Don't get me wrong, I'm getting that album one way or another, but I'd like it for free if possible . . . especially because I got the answer right! I know I should be grateful that there's even an option for free wi-fi. I just get annoyed when things are offered, but they're janky and are seemingly not worth the hassle.

In other news, I have this habit of calling to update my parents every time I fly. I call them before I leave for my first flight, and every time I land, and every time I get ready to take off for the next one. It's just a small request they have so that they know I'm alive and I've grown to enjoy it. Except today one of my parents called me and put ME on hold! (WHAT?!?) And then they called back and I said, "Hello!" and they said, "Hang on, let me call you back." . . . right after THEY called me. Shenanigans I say. I'm blaming this one on April Fool's.

In any event, I'm glad to be out of the puke ridden plane and on my way home to soak up the sun! It was weird packing flip flops and shorts, but I'm so stoked for some quality time at the beach!

ps: I tried to attach pics to this post, but the internet here is shoddy and after about 15 attempts to upload the photos and seeing the failed upload screen, I'm giving up :( I'll post pics later. Sorry.

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kayleigh said...

you forgot the part about denver being a gorgeous airport!