Friday, April 30, 2010

Missing My Baby

Do you guys remember that short-lived show, THE BLACK DONNELLY'S?

Lately I've been missing it :(

I was in LOVE with that show!! Such good writing, great plots, lots of drama, mobster action and some fun accents. I brought back a stack of unlabeled DVDs (and other stuff I hadn't had the chance to bring with me before) from home. I spent the last 2 weeks going through them and finally labeling them according to what was on them. Alas, my season 1 (the only season before it was cancelled) iTunes files were nowhere to be found :(

So now I resort to watching vids of it on YouTube. I just don't know whether to give up looking for the episodes I had saved to DVD or if I should just go ahead and re-order it on Amazon. :(

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