Saturday, January 3, 2009


So I came across this song, which is set to be featured in one of the next few episodes of One Tree Hill.  It's a song by a chick named ROSI GOLAN and features William Fitzsimmons called "HAZY."  And it really sparked a few thoughts in my mind.  It made me think about wedded bliss.  Like, when people are in that blissed out happy stage of marriage where everything is perfect.  And it made me think about how so many people are like, "but once that stage fades out, marriage just fades along with it."  And that is just so sad to me.  Because I am such an idealist, I can't imagine anything but smiles, love, fighting/making up, and a deep appreciation for the gift that God blesses me with.  I hope that even in the hard times, I can see past financial strain, and past job-related headaches, and beyond my own selfish whiny-ness and just stop and say, "You know what honey?  Let's just take a minute to stop.  Let's put on this song and dance and remember why we fell in love in the first place."  Cause I think that if I ever forget just how amazingly special that person is to me, then things are really just gonna suck...and I'm dedicated to making my future marriage just plain breathtakingly amazing.  So, for all you married couples who are feeling strained or drained, or just at a dry point...please stop for a moment, go to iTunes and buy this song, then put the kids to bed early with the promise of pancakes in the morning, grab your honey-bunny...and dance to this song in your living room and just remember for a moment how special that person is to you and enjoy each other's smiles and warm touches, and heart.  :D

I watched you sleeping quietly in my bed
You don’t know this now but there’s some things that need to be said
And it’s all that I can hear, It’s more than I can bare

What if I fall and hurt myself? Would you know how to fix me
What if I went and lost myself? Would you know where to find me
If I forgot who I am, would you please remind me oh?
Cause without you things go hazy

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Kelley R. said...

That's great advice. I'll get right to it!

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