Monday, January 19, 2009

Bella's Lullaby

I'm so excited to be an aunt again!!! Anabelle Yvette Bautista was born Tuesday, January 13th around 10 p.m. weighing 8 pounds, 4 ounces! When Vanessa was born, I chose a song that I would sing to her as a type of lullaby. It would be a song I would sing to her when she was sleeping, and when she was crying, and that when she got older I would sing to her as well. Vanessa's song was "I'M YOUR ANGEL" by R.Kelly and Celine Dione. Yesterday at Olive Garden, I was holding Anabelle and I picked out her song and I kept her sleeping soundly. My sister was amazed that Anabelle was sleeping in my arms. The song I chose for her was "FOR YOU I WILL" by Monica. I've included the songs below so you can hear them. :D I love my angel girlies! :D they're the best!

And no, you're not hallucinating...they are REALLY cheesy songs...but they're sweet :D

Anabelle's Lullaby

Vanessa's Lullaby


Kelley R. said...

Bella's Lullaby, eh?


amo said...

hahahahaha!! that was a throwback to you and you're silly nickname for Anabelle! hahahahahahahaha!

and that's a giant NEGATORY on calling Vanessa "Nessie" ugh.. hahahahahahahahaha!!!