Friday, January 30, 2009


The SAG Awards have come and gone, and as an award show fan, I must apologize for my neglect.i missed them! :( But I did read the updates and I'm really excited for all the winners. And I must say, that this round of awards...the dresses were just stunning! Here are my favorites:

Okay, so I don't think I've seen anyone so glowing and gorgeous!! For playing a character on a show called UGLY BETTY...America really knows how to class it up!! She's always got such great dresses and outfits on! She's my fashion hero! :D

I promise I'm not just capitalizing on the Latinas... Rosario Dawson is absolutely stunning in this outfit! I love the silver bracelet accent and the way the tight wrap falls out at the bottom...and her makeup is so glam!

Okay so usually, I'm not a fan of Clare Danes' outfits. Mainly because everytime I see her, I think of the scenes in her movies where she cries...and it's a kind of irritating cry. She's a good's just the crying...kinda throws me off. :( But in this dress...she looks so gorgeous! This really is a "power" gown for her, I think. It makes her seem taller and more confident and less 'mousy.' I love it! She's so glamorous!

It's no surprise that Kyra rocks with the older hollywood crowd...but for being older..she is so captivating in this dress! I love the black and white look and she totally pulls it off with style!


biancacperez said...

yah, Rosario's outfit...i let her borrow that. I think it probably looks better on me, but i mean i am a little bias. ha!

amo said...

hahahahahahahhaha!! dude, no doubt! you would look drop dead gorgeous in that dress!! get it back from her! :D