Saturday, January 10, 2009

She Will Be Loved

So today I went out shopping and got some cute new clothes for my new baby niece, who should be making her grand entrance on Tuesday! Old Navy was having an AWESOME sale and I got tons of cute stuff for both the girls for cheap. I didn't get as much for Vanessa cause I'm taking her shopping when I get home. But Annabelle...she scored big time!! :D Here's some of the cute stuff I got her:

So I'm really anxious to see the new little addition to the fam! I remember when Vanessa was born, it was love at first sight! And it was so crazy in the delivery room too! My mom had been the one taking my sister to the doctors so she was, in essence, her "coach" but when it came time to actually have the baby in the mom FROZE and like went to go sit down cause she was so frantic and out of it and just overwhelmed, so I ended up being the one to hold my sister's hand and hold her legs and talk her through everything when she was pushing. So I can't wait to see what it's like this time! ha!

My trip home couldn't be more perfect! Originally she wasn't due until the 20th, but the doctors are inducing her Monday night, and I am taking the red eye out of Seattle on Monday morning, so I'll be there Monday afternoon...and Kelley Rowe is picking me up and then we're gonna hang for a while until it's time to head to the hospital! :D And I'll stay all night with my sister at the hospital and then be there for Annabelle's grand entrance! I can't wait!! I just want to hold and hug her and kiss her already!! :D


Aaronsayswow said...

Amo so can I be one of your nieces so I can shopping with you :)


amo said...

hahahahaha!! well, i think there's a few things that need to (have) happen/ed in order for that to work. but if you want to go shopping while i'm in town, i'll keep you company! :D