Friday, January 9, 2009

Dude Looks Like A Lady

Oh my gosh. I was checking out the MSN homepage today...and they had a feature on these Man Pantyhose called MANTYHOSE! hahahahahahahahaha!!! I seriously laughed so hard out loud!! Okay, so here's the thing...I don't even personally like wearing Pantyhose... and the thought of men wearing ridiculous!! I can only imagine that the men wearing them are glutton for punishment! Apparently, they even come in a lacy pattern. Oh my goodness gracious... seriously? Look guys, I know some of you think that pantyhose are sexy on women... but when the situation is reversed...I guarantee... most of the chicks don't reciprocate that mess. hahahahahahaha!! And I know that some guys really want the support and the slim look and all the benefits of pantyhose (wait..there ARE benefits???) I think it's best to stick with skinny jeans. You know, cause at least when you trip and fall, there's no accidental peekage of the nasty guy thigh going on. I mean, if you wanna wear them, more power to ya... but if I see you in them, no lie, I'm probably gonna laugh so hard I fall down and hyperventilate. For those who want to know more, here's some info on MANTYHOSE!

and an article to go with:

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Kelley R. said...

What you also have to consider is, it's not like pantyhose (mantyhose?) conceal leg hair. They don't. And leg hair under pantyhose just looks creepy. So not only are these men wearing pantyhose, in all likelihood they're shaving their legs to do so.

And that... Is just bizarre.

I mean, besides the fact that the whole thing is bizarre.