Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Year 3000

Jetsons Video Phone

Is anyone else disappointed that we're not living it up Jetson style? I am. I have been waiting years for my car that flies and for my robotic television that tells me what outfit will look good for every occasion.

I do kind of wish that there were technologies that would diminish our need for money... you know, like tele-porters, so that we wouldn't have to spend money on gas and transportation, we could just teleport from place to place.

Then again, maybe some of our more conveniences are more of a hindrance than a help. Me and my friend Kelley were having a discussion one day about the movie Wall.E and how it pretty accurately depicts the future that we as a nation are headed to. Relying on technology to make all the right choices for us is very scary.

I personally would LOVE to have a robot maid, but I would be afraid that it would teach me that it's okay to be lazy and to rely on technology to teach me discipline.

After finding out I had pre-diabetes, I made a conscious choice to make changes to my diet, to my lifestyle and my habits to promote a healthier body, so that I wouldn't have to live with diabetes. And it's going great!

But it also makes me think about other things I've been so negligent about. Like taking care of the environment. And maybe it's just because of living in such a green city as Seattle, but I find myself being more environmentally aware. I'm not saying that I'm this super massive uber "greeny" or a major tree hugger, but I'm learning to do little things here and there to help save a world that my nieces will grow up in. :D

I used to tease my friend Stacey because she was reading this book about "going green" and some of the things just seemed so extreme. But she challenged me to do just 3 things, and be consistent with them. So I am.

1. I use the public transportation system
2. I recycle
3. When I go shopping, I use cloth bags and not plastic.

It doesn't kill me, but it helps me be more aware of things. Now that I am eating more healthy, and taking better care of myself, and losing weight, I feel a greater confidence, and when I do things that I know make a difference in such a simple way, it feels great! So I am challenging you to do 3 things...consistently...to help the environment. They don't have to be huge. Just do something to help better yourself and the environment. Because when the year 3000 rolls around, I don't want my nieces to be floating around in chairs, weighing 300 pounds, lazying about just going through the motions. I want them to care as well, and be able to go on walks and give back to their community.

for ideas: http://www.earthshare.org/green-tips.html

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Kelley R. said...

Oh I really love this post! I totally agree, but I had no idea you had started going green. That's so cool.

And seriously, that is so Stacey to recommend such practical, non-overwhelming strategies for starting to go green. That chick is rad.

:D Yay.