Monday, September 14, 2009

Amazing, Because It Is

What happens when one of my best friends partners together with one of my FAVORITE bands?

Well first of all, a GIANT smile flashes across my face.

Second of all, a glimmer of hope shoots across my heart.

The other night, one of my favorite bands, Jack's Mannequin posted on their Facebook feed about LIGHT THE NIGHT.

I was moved. The lead singer, Andrew McMahon was on tour with his band and they were just about to make it big when he went to go see a doctor for some voice problems he was having. When they ran all the tests, they discovered that he had leukemia.

When I went to the Light The Night website, I found that there was a team in Seattle in the Greenlake neighborhood that was participating, so I was going to partner with them and donate some money towards their team's goal.

I had no idea that when I posted the video on MY Facebook wall that anyone would bother to watch, much less get involved. But they did. And it just so happened to be one of my best friends who stood up to the plate. When I found out that Kelley was going to be participating as part of the Austin Chapter of the Jack's Mannequin Team, I decided instead to partner with her. Because just as much as I know Andrew's story, I know Kelley's story too. She recently lost a cousin to leukemia. Being able to walk through it with her gave me a deep heart bond with her and opened my eyes to the effects of leukemia, and knowing what I know, it was obvious where my money should go. So I joined the fight. I donated $25 in honor of Ryan Othrow. I believe that through Light The Night, others will be given resources they need to get the information and assistance they need to fight the battle with cancer.

If you think you might like to partner with her in this endeavor, please do. You can find out how you can join the fight at her Light The Night page

and now i leave you with an amazing song by Jack's Mannequin that offers a great message:


Xana Banana said...
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Kelley R. said...


If you could see how big the smile on my face is. Seriously.

I really hope your other blog readers look into Light The Night and decide to get involved, or another charity - there are so many people doing so many good things. Besides, it's a totally unique experience doing events like this alongside other people...

Thanks Mandy. <3!

P.S. The deleted comment above was me, I totally forgot to sign out of Xanthe's account before I commented. Oops. Sorry!