Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Party In The U.S.A.

Today was our company picnic! We went to Seward Park and had a giant potluck and had a great time. I was really brave and tried some new foods . . . I ate TOFU! So crazy! I never would have thought I would, but I did. I'm not really a fan. I had to follow it up with some watermelon and some frozen custard. I usually don't eat seafood, but the main dish was salmon, so I ate a little bit of it. It was kinda weird tasting, but not terrible. I also got to try some caramel goat cheese . . . crazy right??

I really enjoy all of my co-workers and all their fun personalities :D Some of my co-workers brought their kiddos and so we had a giant water gun fight and that was a lot of fun too! :D One of the kids that was there was commenting on some food that another co-worker brought and said, "She paid a lot of money for that. She bought it FOR SALE, not ON SALE." It was so cute :D

The view was BEAUTIFUL and we all talked about everything from the VMAs to the glory of Mi Tierra in San Antonio and the beauty of Chuy's and BBQ in Austin :D Overall it was a really relaxing fun day :D

Some photos from the day:

the Tofu i ate :D


Kelley R. said...

You ate salmon! And tofu! Yay!! :D How did the deviled eggs go over? And where are pictures of them??

I'm glad you had fun; it looks like a blast. :D

amo (amanda) said...

i know right, i TOTALLY forgot to take a picture of the deviled eggs. :( But, they were a HIT!!! Everyone loved them! They were like, THESE ARE SO GOOD! THANK YOU FOR BRINGING THESE! :D