Monday, September 7, 2009

On The Road Again

I went to see Away We Go today with my friend Becky and her relative (can't remember which), Kaarin. It made me really want to go on a road trip. Being in MCA, we did SO much traveling, and I know that for most people, spending days traveling in those 15 passenger vans was no joyride, but I LOVED it! It was seriously so much fun for me. I've had so many fun experiences (and some not so fun) in those vans. So I figured I would share some with you:

On one of our many road trips, I was driving and Kelley was my co-pilot, in charge of keeping me awake and being the guest DJ at times, and shuffling through my iPod, Leona Lewis' BLEEDING LOVE came on and we played it on repeat. And we looked back at the other peeps in the van and noticed they were all out cold sleeping. So we started hand motions to the song and stuff to keep ourselves entertained and as we were doing them, Jonathan Robinson (J.Rob) totally just randomly popped up and started doing the moves with us! Apparently he wasn't asleep. hahaha! So then we played it again and he videotaped us doing all the motions and stuff. It was so funny!

The MCA Staff worked the Fayette County Fair (yes, we were carnies for a weekend!) in LaGrange, TX and on our way, the van broke down. But it was like 3 a.m. when it happened and we were somewhere between the outskirts of Austin and LaGrange and we had pulled over right in front of a Shed selling business. So everyone ended up sleeping in one of the sheds until the morning when we were rescued!

My first year in MCA we made the long trip to Phoenix for MCIN Conference and I was co-piloting for one of my classmates, Davin, during the late night shift, and in one of the other vans, Josh was co-piloting for Bryan. To make sure we were all together on the road, we had walkie talkies in each van. Well we were pretty sure that Josh had had ONE TOO MANY Red Bulls cause homeboy was going nuts! He kept getting on the walkie and going, "Attention Vans. There is a bogie on your sixer." and it was to either signal that there was a cop or a water puddle. And we could never tell the difference. He just kept saying it at random times during the shift. Most everyone was annoyed, but I thought it was hilarious. . . mainly cause I'd never witnessed someone have such an extreme reaction to Red Bull.

My 2nd year in MCA we were making the long road trip to Phoenix again for the MCIN Conference and the best part of the trip was being able to film joke segments for the road trip video with Jeremy Barnes (Barnsie). Barnsie is just straight up hilarious. So we stopped at a Dairy Queen to eat lunch and as part of the fun video, we wanted to interview random people along the way. So Barnsie goes up to one of the waitresses and asks her a bunch of random questions. One of the first questions he asked her was, "Are you THE Dairy Queen?" (but like over and over again, stressing different parts of the question) and she was just laughing so hard. After answering a bunch of randomly funny questions, he put his hands out like so:

and said, "Do me a favor and would you milk me? Just pull on these little finger udders and pull." It was so funny and so disturbing at the same time!

I lead a team of MC students doing some outreach stuff with a church in Toronto, Canada and for our fun day, we all agreed that we wanted to go to see Niagara Falls. So we got directions off of Google Maps and were on our way. Well, after spending a considerable amount of time on the road, that didn't seem to figure into the time it would ACTUALLY take to get there, Google maps lead us to a random rural street with like houses and such. We were completely lost. So we went to the nearest parking lot and ate our lunch there. . . nothing like a picnic in a parking lot! After that we asked around and FINALLY found our way to the falls. But it was quite the detour. We were waaaaayyy off!

Road trips always bring about some amazingly unique memories :D


Kelley R. said...

How did the pee-bottle not make the cut on this biz? How? What in the world is funnier than someone getting urine poured on their shoes at a truck-stop? Nothing, that's what.


♪♪"You cut me open and I..."♪♪

Kelley R. said...

...I do love those thumb-udders, though.

amo (amanda) said...

Cause i couldn't remember all the details :( but it was definitely funny! :D