Friday, September 18, 2009

Life On Mars

Currently I'm at my desk eating some Chicken Pot Pie Soup and some Sugar Free Jell-O Pudding . . . but my pudding is a bit too thick and it's kinda creeping me out. Don't get me wrong, I ate it . . . I'm just a little worried as to why it's so thick and not Pudding-y (is that a word? well it is now.)

So one of my guilty pleasures lately is GLEE! I am such a SUCKER for musicals. I just. Am. This morning I was walking to work, blasting DON'T STOP BELIEVING in the iPeezy. You know, why don't you take a minute, listen to it (below) and then you can imagine JUST how peppy I was this morning :D

I mean, c'mon. Cory Monteith is REASON ENOUGH to love watching that video a million times!

Just sayin' ;)

I wrote two new songs last night! One called REPRIMAND, and one called MAYDAY.
I heart them :D

Maybe one day when me and Cory Monteith are married we can sing it together. Just sayin'. ;)

Tonight I get to go hang out with Cindy J. and I'm SO excited!

And then tomorrow the game plan is to grab some mexican food at Taqueria Guaymas, which Jodi tells me is AMAZING mexican food . . . and you know me, ALWAYS on the hunt for good mexican food. Thus far, Seattle has let me down. But we shall see :D Then after that, I'm gonna go check out the Ballard Locks. A co-worker of mine says that this weekend is prime time to see the salmon swim up the fish ladder. I will take pics, but let's get real, without my digital camera, they're not gonna be AS great. But really, whaddaya do.

Oh, and for those who don't know, someone stole my camera. But since it was stolen from my room, I'm 99.9% sure that it was either one of my housemates, their boyfriends, or a lawn gnome. And since I don't just have an extra 200 bones laying around to blow on a new digi cam, the good 'ol cellyphone cam.

In other news, (literally), SNL's Saturday Weekend Update is back! And don't get me wrong, I love Seth Meyers. But let's get real, Amy Poehler MAKES Weekend Update. Just sayin'.

I'm also really excited about Fall TV shows premiering! Watching BONES tonight on hulu. Watched The Office this morning and laughed so hard! Glee has not disappointed yet. And Lie To Me is next week! :D

I also just bought my tickets to see Justin Nozuka and Sam Bradley in concert in December! I'm excited!

Welp, that's really all the random stuff I got going on lately :D

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