Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dance, Dance

After work yesterday I had some time to kill before taking the bus over to Elizabeth's house for Friday Night Ladies Night, so I hung out downtown for a bit. As I was walking up to Westlake Center for some window shopping, I noticed a band was setting up on the tall platform in Westlake Park and a small crowd was gathering. Being a fan of live music, I decided to find a spot on the concrete and enjoy the music for a bit. Well not only did they play some fun swing tunes, they also had a team of dancers who were teaching people how to swing dance. It was way cool! They kicked it off with JUMP JIVE AND WAIL and I was just dancing in place and enjoying the fun of it all :D Then I decided to record some of the fun for memory's sake. So here it is:

It was a lot of fun. But time ran short and I had to head over to Elizabeth's. I had SO much fun hanging out with the girls last night. We had so many laughs! A lot of them are either in the medical profession or know people that are, so I got to hear SO many crazy stories about patients gone wild. It was crazy! I don't think I could EVER work in the medical profession. It's intense.

Emily told us about this one guy that she met a few days after moving into her new apartment who was out in the parking lot. He saw Emily getting into her car and called out to her and she looked and he was standing in the parking lot, sniffing a rose he had picked from a church on a nearby corner. He was just staring at the apartment building in awe and asked Em, "What IS this place?" And she was like, "Um. It's just an apartment building." And he was like, "WOW!" And then he just said some other crazed stuff but it was so funny! We were laughing so hard. Between stories of awkward dates, strange people, and stories of people peeing in their pants, the laughs were in abundance!

I also got to try some new foods—figs, brie, goat cheese, and prosciutto. I got to learn a lot about local restaurants and other places and overall just had a very fun evening. :D

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