Wednesday, September 9, 2009

G Is For Girl

On my way to work this morning I was listening to G IS FOR GIRL by Ciara on my iPeezy. So I figured I would do a post of random facts about me from A-Z. Enjoy!

Aunt - I am the proud aunt of two beautiful nieces, Vanessa & Annabelle

Books - My favorites are The Little Prince & The Inferno

Cleveland - I could see how you would think I was from there. ;)

Dishes- The one chore I really enjoy doing

Easy Mac- makes me sick when I see it. I'm just not a fan :(

Fast Food Favorites: Chick Fil A and Thundercloud Subs

Games- Board Games are my weakness! I love them! Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Clue, you name it, I LOVE it! My favorite game is SCATTERGORIES :D

Hummer- I used to want one, and then the Italian Job came out and I fell in love with Mini Coopers. Now I think Hummers are lame.

IKEA - I could spend HOURS in Ikea. Ikea is my ideal decorating style. I love ALL their stuff!

Jack's Mannequin- One of my favorite bands! ( Favorite Song: THE RESOLUTION.

KKMJ- Magic 95.5 in Austin. Used to listen to this station all the time during Christmas time cause they played non-stop Christmas music during the holdiay season. And who doesn't love Christmas music? Well . . . I know they're out there. But I like Christmas music :D Also, Magic 95.5 had Delilah late at night and you could call in and request love songs out the wazoo!

Laugh- I love to laugh! I will laugh at so many things. Most of the time people think I'm laughing with them. Most of the time I'm laughing at them. Shhh. It will be our little secret. ;)

Money - one of my lesser known nicknames

Nutella- One food I CANNOT bring myself to even begin to think of trying. The name. The color. Just. No. Nutella=No Thank You.

Online Dating Services- I once tried out eHarmony. But the guys they picked weren't very attractive, lacked personality, and then eHarmony wanted my money. Sorry but I'd rather spend it on other things.

Parachute - One of my favorite bands! ( Favorite Song: SHE (FOR LIZ)

Quantum Leap- One of my favorite TV shows from back in the day

Rudy;s BBQ - the BEST barbecue restaurant, in my opinion. I love their creamed corn!

Seafood - I don't eat it for the most part, unless you count fish sticks.

Times Square- One of my favorite things about New York City. I love going to Times Square.

Umbros- For the longest time, I always thought they were pronounced "Yooo-mbros"

Vanna White- The nickname of one of the many 15 passenger vans that I've driven all over the US in.

Waterfront - One of my favorite things about Seattle is chillaxin down by the waterfront

Xray- Being an accident prone person, I feel like I keep the Xray technicians in business. Just sayin. My mom used to call the hospital my home away from home. She was right.

Yerba maté- The first time I ever had it was at a New Years party here in Seattle. It was good. At least I think it was. I drank the first sip too fast and burned my tongue. But it still tasted pretty good. I love all the new stuff I'm getting to try up here.

Zoo- A place I still like to go to, even though it's more of a "kid thing"


Kelley R. said...

I love this. Mebbe I'll steal it for my blog...

P.S. A Hummer?! Really??

amo (amanda) said...

you should! :D and yes, sadly enough. i used to want a hummer.