Thursday, September 3, 2009

Walking Down The Hill

"Queen Anne hill, you will be the life and death of me."

That's what I say to myself EVERY day I go in to work.
There are mornings that I'm grateful for working in Queen Anne.
There are mornings I'm not.

On the mornings I am, it's usually because:

1. I know I'm getting a killer cardio workout in.
2. I love my job
3. I love the beauty of the neighborhood
4. I'm grateful my office isn't at the top of Queen Anne Hill
(I work in Lower Queen Anne)
5. I'm too hepped up on caffeine to know better

On the mornings I'm not, it's usually because:
1. I've been lax in my workout routine
2. I've fallen 'up' the hill before so now i have to be EVEN more careful
3. I wish I was still in bed
4. It continually reminds me how out of shape I still am
5. I'm lazy

Sad, yet true. I really AM thankful for the job. REALLY. I'm just sooooo not used to climbing steep hills (willingly). I mean, the hill is so steep that when it ices or snows, busses just avoid it altogether. I don't know how people in San Francisco do it. It's wild.

The good things about Queen Anne are what keeps me going. It's seriously beautiful. And it seems like a really safe neighborhood. Almost, if not just as, safe as Ballard seems. I have yet to visit Kerry Park in Queen Anne, but once I find my camera, I will. . . it's lost somewhere in my room. I can't remember where I left it, but I know I left it in there. But once I find it, I'll go to Kerry Park after work and snap some photos.

I hear it's one of the BEST places to take pics of downtown and that most postcard pics of Seattle were taken from there :D

Like so:

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