Monday, May 4, 2009

Alive In This Moment

Talk about a wild weekend!

no. really. go ahead, talk about it...

jk. anyway. so this weekend was TONS o fun!  :D 

Friday was clear and 71 degrees so I took off work a half hour early to head downtown and soak up the sun!! :D  It was so beautiful!  I was down on Pier 62/63 and saw some people filming a music video, which was fun.  

Then I went to Regal Meridian to go see XMEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE and I LOVED it!!  The biggest complaint was the CGI... which... I didn't really care about...because I just loved the story line and the characters and thought that the performances were phenomenal. I was so glad I got to see it.  And then I felt like such an "X-Nerd" cause after the show I was talking to the chick next to me for a while about some of the previous Xmen movies and the upcoming project for XMEN ORIGINS: MAGNETO.  I can't wait! :D

I played my first softball game of the season.  :D  We 14 to 2 majorly... but it was fun to play.  It was mega rainy so by the end of the day my pants were soaked and muddy.  I actually played catcher for 2 innings which is crazy, since #1 I'm still mildly AFRAID of the ball and #2 I usually play right field.  I also got to try my hand at scorekeeping. We did get some fresh baseball shirts, but right now it's in the wash...barely recognizable (ha!). I'll take a pic of me in it some other time.  But I did want to share some photos with you, so here they are:

And then here are just some other random pics I took over the weekend.  I LOVE this city! :D

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Bianca Crystal said...

it all looks like so much fun!!!!