Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother Mother

Yes yes it's here!  MOTHER'S DAY!

So, I posted an ad on Craigslist to see if any ladies would let me borrow their kids for a couple hours during lunchtime so I could take advantage of those MOTHER'S DAY SPECIALS at one wanted to share. :(  I guess they might have thought i was creepy for making such a request. Then I almost bought a baby try to pass off as my kid...and then realized that I would then need a carseat or something so they wouldn't get suspicious. So instead I just made some lunch at home. :D

While I was on my way home today I decided to stop off at a local park and record a Video Blog just for Mother's Day.  However, I guess I skipped over the part in the manual where it says: PS: VIDEOS WILL NOT UPLOAD PROPERLY IF YOU TRY TO PREVIEW IT ON THE CAMERA BEFORE YOU IMPORT ONTO YOUR COMPUTER. fail. just. fail. :(  And no, I'm not going to re-record it.  So.. I'll have to settle for this>

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL THE MOMS OUT THERE!  I'd personally like to thank my own mother for deciding to keep me and not kill me.  Also, for not leaving me by the side of the road when I was 10 and jumped out of the car while we were stuck in traffic.  I don't know how, but I'm glad that deep down inside you knew that no matter how big of a fit I was throwing, I wasn't going to get very far trying to find another set of parents who didn't suck. Thanks mom.  OH, and also... thank you mom for not making me rake leaves until my hands bled to earn enough money to pay for all my trips to the hospital for all my clumsy accidents.  Instead you drove me home and listened to me complain about how much pain i was in.  I know now that you were also in pain...from knowing you'd have to cover the thousands of dollars in surgical and medicinal fees. I'm also grateful that you didn't make me feel incredibly stupid when you caught me wiping my butt with leaves in the back yard because I forgot my house keys that morning.  Although, you coulda put up a sign in the yard saying you had come home early from work that day. Just sayin'.  :D

And to my stepmom- thank you for not being an evil stepmom. Thank you also for not smacking me in the face when I gave you the silent treatment during Christmas. I know, I know. I know I can be really immature and ridiculous sometimes. Okay. A lot of times.  Oh, and thank you for not calling me names when I called you at 2 a.m. that one time. Sometimes I forget that other people aren't on the same crazy schedule I am. And THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU so much for teaching me how to make Hershey Bar Chocolate Pie! I feel like I should make you a cape... but I can't sew. And there's no way it would compete with your awesome Raggedy Anne Costume. Let's just be real. ;)

I am TOTALLY thankful and grateful for my mom, and also for my stepmom(s) who have had to put up with my complete brattiness.  Hopefully I'll outgrow it by the time I'm 30. But in the meantime, I'd like to give some advice from a daughter to a mother. Just on a totally broad level:

BELIEVE IN US. Believe that we are important.  Believe that no matter how crazy our dreams may be, we can reach them. Believe that you matter, even when we call you names or throw fits. Believe that we need you... EVERY DAY... even if we don't say it.  Believe that we can be amazing women also. Believe that we can be independent to a certain extent. Believe that no matter what other women come along in our lives to teach and mentor us will never replace you. Believe that we are always watching you, learning from you, listening to you... ALWAYS.  And don't ever let anyone tell you that you are failing at being a mother... because you gave us one of the biggest prizes ever—the opportunity to be here, to be alive, to have lives of our own, to give life. You rock!

Also, I saw this earlier this morning and it cracked me up. It's so funny and so true!  It's all the things a mom would say in 24 hours, condensed into one song. :D


Kelley R. said...

I'm really confused by the extraordinary level of detail in the paragraphs about your mom and step-mom. I was seriously reading it going, "Is this one of those sarcastic oh-wait-that-actually-happened things?"

I got it now, though.

It's ok, I'm just slow.

And Happy Mothers' Day. ;D

amo (amanda) said... it's actually all true. i actually don't think I ever raked leaves until I was at MCA...weird. I was a spoiled kid...kinda... in a weird way. I dunno. ;) I mean, I wasn't like spoiled rotten, but I didn't ever have to clean my room either. and my mom only mildly freaked out when I thumb tacked a collage over every square inch of my room in our apartment. So i dunno...I just don't know that there are many moms that wouldn't completely spaz out about that in a rented apartment. And most people find it shocking that I've actually slapped my mom in the face multiple times due to a teenager... she's had to put up with a lot from me. sometimes i'm not sure I'D even want to be 'mother' to ME. ;)