Sunday, May 24, 2009

Blame It On Me

Today was full of ups and downs...

We'll start with the ups. This morning's service was so good...In the Jr. High we had Maggie and Spencer, and Spencer's older brother, Chris (who is a sophomore in high school)...who wanted to come because Spencer had been saying how much he has been loving Jr. High time for the past few weeks... :D yay! So I'm thinking of giving an open invitation to any High Schoolers at Westside who want to join us...because I can swing the teachings to reach both. And we did the Cinnamon Challenge and had so much fun! We were all laughing so hard! And after the teaching we finished off with a fun game of POISON..which is Spencer's new favorite game! It was a hit!

A good in between was my Sunday morning nap. I did intend to eat lunch, but once i sat on my bed, i suddenly (okay, not suddenly) fell back and fell asleep... until about 4:30 p.m. It was a nice little nap. :D

The down happened when I went to go babysit. In the past few weeks, I've been babysitting a lot and all the parents of the kids I've babysat have been so happy with the way I've babysat. They said that their kids get excited when they hear I'm coming over to babysit, and that the kids have dubbed me their Number One babysitter :D which is odd because i hardly did ANY babysitting (except for my niece) when I was back in Austin. But not I'm suddenly number one. Which makes me feel like I have this big thing to live up to and if I mess up, it's a sign that I'm not as good as others think I am...but that's a whole other issue I'm currently working out in my life.

But the whole evening of babysitting was going well until I had finally calmed the kids down while watching Ice Age...and decided (now regrettably) to step out into the back deck for 5 minutes to sweep up the nacho mess the kids had made. Usually when I babysit, I like to also pitch in and clean things up, just because I know it's calming for the mom to come home and not have to do damage control... So I had been playing with the kids all afternoon, and checking in on them in each of their play areas, bandaging boo boos, teaching that their friendships and relationships are more important than who got the last handful of popcorn, and playing fairy warrior princess (with my fellow princesses) to defend my end of the deck against the dark warrior boys... and then when going from place to place, letting the kids know that i was cleaning parts of the kitchen and to come get me if things got out of hand. They're normally really good about it, so I've had no problems. But in that 5 minutes I took to sneak away from the popcorn eating kiddos...their parents had come home to find tornado alley in the living room...popcorn everywhere and kids running around like maniacs. Needless to say, I felt like a HUGE FAILURE. I know that it must have looked like I was the WORST babysitter ever. They probably thought that I didn't care about watching their kids at all...or that I was a negligent babysitter. Needless to say...I'll never risk that break time again...if i ever get the chance to redeem myself. I guess I may not be babysitting for a long while now. And I'm pretty sure I've forfeited my spot at number one. :(

But to end on a positive note, I'm recovering from the bruised ego with a pint of Ben and Jerry's Low Fat Frozen Yogurt (Cherry Garcia)

I think this current whirlwind of emotions I'm on is seriously tweaking my ability to function.

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