Friday, May 15, 2009

Dance, Dance

While I was enjoying a nice Double Grande Latte and Raspberry Scone at Cafe Ladro this morning, I was looking through the paper and came across an interesting story. It's kinda long but posed an interesting thought process for me.

Apparently some High School kids participated in a planned, massive food fight. As a result, some students were expelled and their prom is being held ransom.

I found myself wondering if the punishment was a bit too harsh. I mean, on one's a food fight. It's a kid thing...a rite of passage, if you will...granted, these kids ARE in High School. The fun jokester in me thinks this is the most hilarious thing. The ever rising socially conscious person in me thinks, "Don't these kids know we're in a recession? That food COSTS MONEY!" The compassionate person in me thinks, "There are kids in Africa who could be EATING that food that they're just throwing around." The cynic in me thinks, "But even so...would kids in Africa actually WANT to eat cafeteria food?" (yes i know, they would LOVE it!). And the mentor in me thinks, "Geeze kids. Grow up." And the fun-loving young person in me says, "Expelled? Prom on hold? It's JUST FOOD!" So I have so many thoughts about it going on in my mind. What about you? What do you think?


Prom put on hold, 14 students expelled over food fight at Mill Creek School

Fourteen Jackson High School students were expelled and the prom was suspended after a food fight broke out Thursday in the cafeteria of the Mill Creek school.

By Lynn Thompson

Seattle Times Snohomish County reporter

Andrew King got a text message in his third-period class: There's gonna be a food fight at lunch.

Other Jackson High School students heard the rumors in the halls. So when first lunch period began around 11 a.m. Thursday, students at the Mill Creek school say, tension filled the air, teenagers looked from one to another and wondered if the famous scene from National Lampoon's "Animal House" would be re-enacted in their own cafeteria.

Then a carton of milk flew through the air and splattered on the floor.

Fight on.

Before it was over, a package of Cup Noodles had been launched, along with fruit, chocolate milk, Tater Tots, sandwiches and coffee cake. One student emptied a condiment tray of relish over another student's head, according to one witness.

"Once food started flying, it was all over the ceiling and floor," said King, a junior, who estimated that more than 100 kids took part. "It was pretty great."

After the melee, 14 students, including King, were expelled. Administrators also suspended the May 23 senior prom.

Everett School District spokeswoman Mary Waggoner said that administrators had also gotten wind of the planned food fight and had called several students into the office before lunch to warn them not to participate.

"This was pure, defiant disobedience," Waggoner said. "They clearly understood this would not be tolerated."

The 14 students may return to school if they bring a parent and meet with school administrators, Waggoner said.

She also said the prom may still be held, but first administrators will draw up plans so that everyone attending understands expectations for proper behavior.

Not surprisingly, many students said the administration was overreacting and shouldn't punish seniors for an incident that, they say, involved students from all classes.

"We're kids. Let us have fun. Everybody wants to have a food fight," said senior Karley Espinoza.

Brandon Peltier, a junior, said once the initial milk carton flew, he grabbed a large bowl of whole fruit from the lunch line and started lobbing oranges, kiwi and apples. He was expelled along with the other students.

King said a flying tomato slice stuck to his face. He spotted a friend across the cafeteria and hurled a Tater Tot. It was a perfect strike. He was nabbed by a teacher when he raised his arms triumphantly.

Senior Sandy Crissinger said she and some other drama students watched the fight from the cafeteria stage. "Oh boy, it was quite a scene," she said.

She said teachers and administrators quickly closed the doors to the cafeteria and ordered students to start cleaning up the mess.

She said the expulsions blew the incident out of proportion.

"We wanted to have fun. We're over it," she said.
Link to story + video ---> Click Here.

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