Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Call Me When You Get This


So earlier today, I got a phone call from the Children's Ministry Coordinator at Westside, where I go to church. And she said that they want me to officially take over leadership and development for the Junior High! CAN YOU BELIVE IT! IT'S LIKE CHRISTMAS ALL OVER AGAIN!

I LOVE those kids and I can't wait to see how God makes all this cool stuff move along! I mean, this is like the BIGGEST answer to prayer ever! I am so so so excited! We'll be meeting soon to go over logistics and share ideas and such... but man. I feel like eating a giant cake in celebration! (I won't, but I'd like to) ;)

Thank you thank you thank you for all of you who have been part of this journey with me thus far—and it's only gonna get better! :D

On another note, today is Cinco De Mayo. I think I might make some mexican food for dinner to celebrate. Although, truth be told, pizza is my weakness...and I have a pizza in my freezer that beckons my name every time i open that freezer door... hmmm. we'll see. In any case, I'd like to say HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO! ... not to be confused with the 6th of May... which is tomorrow.

PS: the plants are growing quite nicely!

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Gabby said...

Congratulations! That's awesome news!