Thursday, May 28, 2009

Big Bar Hair

Alrighty ladies and gents!

It's that time again!  Time for me to get a haircut!  I have 4 weeks till I head back to the ATX and sometime between here and there I'm going to be getting my hair cut.  But, as with all good friends, I value your input. And I might also be a lemming.  So I'm asking you for your input on this one!  :D

Take a look at the picture of me currently and then look at the 4 options that follow.  From those, be thinking about which one you think would look the best on me.  Then, on the right hand side of the blog    ------------->

there is a poll where you can vote on the haircut/style you think I should get.  

It's completely anonymous, and whichever hairstyle wins the poll—i'm getting done.

The poll will close next week. 

Happy voting!

My hair now:





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